Global Excellence 2021

Acquisition International - Global Excellence 2021 7 Acquisition I ternational - Issue 9 2021 31 May21545 Company: cyan Security Group Contact: office@ Website: Security on a Global Scale aunched with the vision to change cybersecurity for the better, cyan Security Group has made it it’s mission to safeguard the digital livelihoods of people all around the world, protecting them from existing the future cybercrime threats. Fundamentally, as cybercrime is an ever-evolving problem, with certain risks growing and changing by the day, so too must the solutions that handle them; therefore, cyan’s promise is that it is will stay one step ahead of cyber attacks in order to make itself an invaluable security partner to its clients. Its vast amounts of industry experience ensure that it can keep a finger on the pulse of its industry and its threats as they change. This has given it the credibility, reliability, and consistently proven professional acumen that has made it a going concern in its industry – and earned it a worldwide roster of loyal clientele for whom it is their one-stop cybersecurity solution, having spent 15 years building up this stellar reputation. Above all else, it wishes to impress upon its clients how customercentric its core approach is. Furthermore, this can be seen through the expansive portfolio it has built up over time, all of its work done with the goal of delivering a seamless and user-intuitive experience that contains both network and application-based security services, prioritising being accessible to the client with a white-label approach. cyan has therefore been able to set itself in good stead with a multitude of different clients across a variety of industry verticals and scales – after all, it takes great pride in how its services are tailored to fit the client – from the smaller start-ups to large enterprise level businesses. This goes hand in hand with its 24/7 threat analysis across multiple international locations, all of which form a global network of digital service hubs, its own research and development unit emboldening each of these services as part of its commitment to consistently growing and developing. cyan’s team, in essence, is what forms the professional backbone that has allowed it to remain such a household name in cybersecurity, making it a front-runner and a highly competitive company in the international playing field. Its clear vision and the exemplary nature of each of its staff members make for a truly united front within this business’s own culture. Moreover, the career experiences of the CEO, CFO, and CTO, were a big part of the original forming of this backbone; believing the in order to be watertight and effective, cybersecurity doesn’t have to be overcomplicated, but it does have to be adaptive. Very early on in the cybersecurity and technologically minded careers of the three, they L The cybersecurity company that is ‘on a mission to keep the world safe’, and now is ‘2021’s Leading IT Security Specialists’ for Europe, cyan Security Group has secured its place at the head of the pack in cybersecurity. Above all, it has worked hard to create solutions that aren’t overcomplicated but are a fool-proof line of defence against attacks, keeping the customer at the heart of its vision and dedicating itself to constant improvement across the board. realised that cyberthreats were going to become and continue to be one of the biggest threats in the modern world, especially with the exponential march of technology marching ever-forward. In response to this, cyan has strived to combine both industrial experience and client-focused dedication in order to create a company that could get ahead in such a world, able to be flexible in its solutions. Crucially, this has allowed it to work itself seamlessly around any company’s existing models in order to be an unobtrusive and highly effective solution that takes the worries about the constant threat of cybercrime off of the shoulders of the client, offering them peace of mind that such things will be stopped before they endanger what truly matters. Processing more than +1000 billion data points a month that feed back into its research, every data point making it more effective, it will continue improving and developing itself in order to stay 2 steps ahead of cybersecurity’s biggest threats.