Global Excellence 2021

6 Acquisition International - Global Excellence 2021 26 Acquis tion International - Issue 1 2022 Gene Genius! A world without genetic disorder might seem a pipedream to many, but to the team at Pluripotent Diagnostics, it’s just one innovation award. Named Most Innovative Molecular Genetics Company 2021 – California in Acquisition International’s 2021 Global Excellence Awards, we thought it time to dig a little deeper into the secrets of their astonishing success. hey say it’s impossible to predict the future, but thanks to the scientific developments made by the team at Pluripotent Diagnostics, that might not be true anymore. If a person is defined by their genetics, the Pluripotent Diagnostics team have the power to read genomes and correct any errors through individual treatments. Instead of predicting the future, the Pluripotent Diagnostics team are able to shape it. When Drs. Sean J. Miller and Robert Logan founded Pluripotent Diagnostics, they did so with the ambition of ridding the world of genetic disorders. Their impressive start-up has already gained an impressive reputation for its work, based out of the famous Molecular Medicine Research Institute (MMRI), in Silicon Valley, California. This environment has proven to be the perfect testing ground for the team’s ideas with no concept too ridiculous not to consider. The importance of our genes is impossible to overstate. More than any other aspect of our lives, our genes govern our wellbeing and health. A great deal of work has gone into understanding genetics, epi-genetics, transcriptomics, proteomics, and medical imaging (DTI, PET, MRI, fMRI) with Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence, and the team’s tests cover 5000 times more genes than the competition. This incredible technology allows the firm to discover genetic disease associations such as cancers and neurodegenerative disorders. T Oct21234 From this information, the Pluripotent Diagnostics team have looked for more ways forward. This comes in the form of the team’s patented PDx solutions, which allow not only for genetic diagnoses but personalized therapeutic interventions at any age. This technology has an enormous amount of potential, offering a way of improving and prolonging lives, but also offering a path to a world where genetic diseases might be removed from the human experience entirely. To leverage this technology as thoroughly as possible, the team reach across the cross-disciplinary areas of artificial intelligence, machine learning, genetics, and medicine. By combining the strengths of all of these areas, the team have achieved the remarkable. The world is constantly moving forward, but while we continue to look out, our understanding of ourselves is surprisingly limited. Through the work of the team at Pluripotent Diagnostics, we have begun to comprehend some of what we are. Their innovations are a potent reminder of how little we know, but how much there is to learn. We celebrate this team’s incredible achievements and look forward to the direction they will take in the future. Company: Pluripotent Diagnostics Corp. Contact: Sean James Miller Email: