Global Excellence 2021

Acquisition International - Global Excellence 2021 45 Acquisition International - Issue 10 2021 7 Post Haste! The benefit of working with the MailAmericas team is that they know precisely which entities need to be worked with when issues arise. This means that their partners can count on a legal team that understands what needs to be done. One of the key differentials is that MailAmericas is a local organization, and can understand the needs of the market much better than competitors that operate in China, the US or anywhere in Europe. The team’s multi carrier platform allows them to adapt to the requirements of different countries and regions, because each of them is obviously very specific in the nature of its territory. The COVID-19 pandemic has only supercharged the work of MailAmericas, and Latin America has become one of the fastestgrowing e-commerce markets in the world with a phenomenal 36.7% growth rate, amounting to $85 billion. Last year alone, amid the crisis, the region had more than 13 million people making online transactions for the first time, according to a report by the renowned data company, Statista. This growth is set to continue for the months and years to come, feeding the expansion of MailAmericas. Of course, the challenges of working during an unprecedented situation, such as a pandemic, have changed the way in which businesses such as MailAmericas operate. The team have been met with incredible cost increases alongside a significant reduction in the amount of working days as a result of the pandemic. The exposure of Last Mile Operators, an important factor in the travel of the contagion, also led to lower capacity in many regions, and even an entire lack in some areas. The team were forced to take the initiative and create new and exciting delivery solutions to cope with the growing backlog. It was to the team’s credit that their history of continual growth and innovation allowed them to develop a network that was very easily scaled to meet the challenge of the day. MailAmericas was able to incorporate more carriers without any compromise to the quality of their service to clients. The team’s transparency throughout the crisis was much appreciated by those who used their services, and they maintained chartered flights and special delivery protocols to ensure that they were able to deliver throughout, where many companies simply discontinued their services. The future of MailAmericas is bright indeed, with the team having delivered approximately three million packages per month, a number which is likely to rise to five million by the end of the year. The team have proven that their operation is not just a key factor in growth on an international scale, but is a major part of the reason that so many are turning to Latin America. As the team explore the nature of growth in this exciting region, the role of eCommerce is certain to play a major part. Fortunately, the MailAmericas team are ready and working expectantly to take this region to the next level. Company: MailAmericas Email: Web Address: