Global Excellence 2021

190 Acquisition International - Global Excellence 2021 22 Acquisit on International - Issue 10 2021 Jul21166 Company: Bóveda Asset Management Name: Ken Witherspoon Email: Invest in the Best! ince being founded in 2014, the team at Bóveda Asset Management have made it their business to think outside of the box. Their alternative investment vehicles have proven of incredible value to clients, with each being perfectly adapted to suit the specific needs of the individual. At the heart of Bóveda Asset Management is a desire to provide investors with customized investment strategies and comprehensive wealth management services. Where some firms will offer a generalized package, the Bóveda Asset Management team take the time to understand the position their clients are currently in, and the direction they wish to take in the long run. By taking into account the unique circumstances of each individual, it is considerably easier to design a path forward that achieves their specific goals. As such, the service offered by Bóveda Asset Management is unique, with a bespoke mindset at all times. The team have worked closely over the years with both individual and institutional investors in order to provide truly customized portfolios that are carefully adapted to optimize their probability of success. Their investment products not only offer a superior return, but one which has both security and capital preservation. At Bóveda Asset Management, the team know that their role as asset manager is one which can transform the fortunes of their clients. As such, they use proprietary strategies and techniques, carefully developed over the course of several market cycles, to ensure that their investors not only build wealth, but can maintain it during even the most challenging of times. S Investment is a tricky prospect for anyone, but the team at Bóveda Asset Management have made it their business to develop alternative investment vehicles and portfolios for their clients. Their success has seen them named Best Alternative Investment and Asset Management Services Firm, 2021 - North Carolina in Acquisition International’s 2021 Global Excellence Awards. We dug a little deeper to find out more. The vision of such a successful organization depends on the staff who make it happen. The team behind Bóveda Asset Management are a group of investment professionals who share the aim of creating an absolute return and performance focused asset manager with a set of clear and simple values. Using real estate as the foundation for the preservation of investment capital, they have been able to bring this vision to life with startling ease. As time goes on, the team intend to continue developing on their areas of excellence, launching a series of innovative products that will ensure strong performance across the board. The shared values that have brought such success to Bóveda Asset Management all stem from placing the clients’ best interests at the heart of every decision that is made. No option is proposed without considering the impact it might have on a client’s overall financial goal and every effort is made to ensure that they are satisfied at all times. This attitude of careful decision making pervades through every aspect of the business, from the largest wealth managers through to the contributions of individual investors. The team know the immense value of what they offer, and do all that they can to protect the interests of their client’s portfolios. The success of Bóveda Asset Management comes from these values, therefore, and the way in which they have directed the activities of the team. Through impressive skill, the team have generated enormously beneficial returns for their clients, and this is why they are so highly regarded within the industry.