Global Excellence 2021

Acquisition International - Global Excellence 2021 191 Acquisi International - Issu 9 2021 17 Jul21338 Company: Darger Errante Yavitz & Blau LLP Contact: Craig Blau Website: Legally Excellent, Client First arger Errante Yavitz & Blau LLP – or DEYB – is a company two-thirds owned by women, and one that has been accredited by Forbes, New York Magazine, U.S. News, World Report, Super Lawyers magazine, and more, earning it the title of the ‘Best Boutique Law Litigation Firm’ in the USA. DEYB, first and foremost, represents Fortune 500 companies in all sorts of legal entanglements where they require representation, serving clients across all manner of industries. These include automotive, construction, electrical, energy, consumption, pharmaceutical, and safety equipment provision, and its staff each have the wide portfolios and expansive knowledge of legislation past and present to be able to offer comprehensive and well-thought-out legal solutions. In addition, its attorneys have a national pedigree when it comes to their expertise. With the knowledge gained throughout their personal careers, and the myriad wins they have achieved throughout their time at DEYB, they have accumulated a national reputation for success and reliability in all manner of highly complex cases. Truly, nothing is too complicated or difficult for the team at DEYB; each of them are always up for the next challenge and will approach it with empathy and hard work, managing mass tort claims, product liability cases, and business disputes for any number of professionals from large companies to small businesses and individuals. Fundamentally, it has spent years working hard to achieve this hardwon expertise. Having funnelled significant effort into building a team around it who could help its clients at every turn, come what may, it now boasts legal skills at the top of its industry. Competing even with the top international law firms in this manner, it enjoys repute amongst the loudest voices in its industry, bringing ‘big firm’ experience paired with personalised, empathic service, at cost effective rates. In essence, this is what has allowed it to become the ‘go to’ for so many different companies and individuals – especially in cases of asbestos defence litigation – and in New York, it serves the city as its New York City Defence Liaison Counsel. Here, it is behind the coordination and organisation of many different legal cases and concerns, handling litigations for dozens of law firms and hundreds of companies in the region with sophistication and a perseverance that each of its clients have lauded as exemplary. DEYB also takes diversity and inclusion incredibly seriously. By incorporating such things as intrinsic values upon which the rest of its firm has been built, DEYB creates a healthy and productive D Being the ‘Best Boutique Litigation Law Firm’ in 2021 for the USA has come with significant boosts to pedigree and repute for Darger Errante Yavitz & Blau LLP, both of which it has been building up since its inception. Critically, this law firm is one of inclusion and determination, working hard to provide its clients with the legal representation they need, and the people behind the legislation that they can truly connect with. environment that is safe and accepting for all of its employees and for its clients, knowing that in order to have a comprehensive law team, one must incorporate all perspectives. Essentially, the wide range of backgrounds and personalities in the team means that DEYB’s clients will always find someone they click with and who possesses the knowledge that will be the most helpful to them, believing that the individual is an intrinsic and pivotal part of law service. Additionally, being minority-owned, DEYB is staunchly determined to ensure this only improves as it moves towards the future, taking its clients with it into the new era of law and litigation.