Global Excellence 2021

Acquisition International - Global Excellence 2021 159 20 Acquisition International - Issue 3 2021 Jan21236 Create an Engaged and Mentally Fit Organisation through Individual Actualisation at scale What started out as a niche consulting firm for optimising employee experience and performance, has rapidly grown and evolved to become the Most Innovative Organisational Performance Optimisation Firm – 2021. This is the story of MindNavigator Technologies, an outstanding firm that has been built on the dedication of its founder and owner, Ami Cook. To learn more about the firm and why it deserves the title of Most Innovative Organisational Performance Optimisation Firm, we profiled the firm to better understand its services and offerings. indNavigator is a female-founded and owned organisation that boasts an international reach. Having once focused its efforts on being a niche consulting firm, the company has since shifted its focus from being a consultancy, to being an organisation that solely delivers human-centred development at scale via a technology-driven approach. What drove this change? The realisation that coaching doesn’t scale and training doesn’t stick. MindNavigator responded to this need by developing a technology solution to enable actionable, personalised insights that improve performance and wellbeing for a thriving workforce. The technology also disrupts the co-dependency on external consultants so that organisations and individuals can become self-sustaining and develop deeper working relationships. After a long period of research and development, MindNavigator launched its technology in late 2017 and has not looked back since. Today, MindNavigator’s purpose is to enrich the human experience. As a firm, it aims to do this by building capacity and removing obstacles for game changing employee performance and experience, Mind-First®. MindNavigator envisions a future where human ‘actualisation is as accessible as air, for every mind, everywhere’. All businesses can take advantage of the solution provided by MindNavigator, and the firm works with businesses that grasp the importance of developing mindset and mental capacity at scale to unleash the power of their workforce. The uniqueness of the firm lies in its ability to help clients adopt a technologybased approach to human-centred development that removes the dependence on external consultants and instead creates autonomous individuals and deep human connections within an organisation. Cook believes that ‘when people feel genuinely connected, to themselves, each other, the organisation’s purpose and the system they’re operating in, they can be and do their best.’ Over the years since the firm was founded by Ami Cook and her team, it has achieved one milestone after another. One such success is the development of a key partnership with the University of Technology, Sydney’s Business School where MindNavigator’s technology is used as part of the Advanced MBA program. The school’s website offers up a description of just how innovative the MindNavigator platform is, and how it leverages the latest thinking around leadership and cultural development which is needed to navigate change and thrive in fluid, networked environments with flat M structures and cross-functional teams. What MindNavigator does in partnership with UTS Business School is enable students to engage in self-inquiry processes, group dialogues, and targeted practices. As well as this partnership, MindNavigator was also awarded a place in the Top 10 Most Innovative Companies for Organisational Development in APAC, 2020 – HR Tech Outlook. A lot of MindNavigator’s focus is on helping businesses unleash their workforce potential for the world of work today, but the firm has an extensive roadmap for the world of tomorrow. Looking to the year ahead, the firm is commencing the next wave of its technology development with an investment round. MindNavigator’s growth in organisations will continue as businesses make the shift from their focus in 2020 on keeping their employees safe, to supporting their employees with performance and wellbeing and to work effectively together in the hybrid working models that are becoming the norm in 2021. In looking to what comes next, MindNavigator also has big plans to continue its expansion into new international markets. Ultimately, now is the time for the team at MindNavigator to seize the moment and build into an internationally-recognised movement that will change working in the twenty first century. Company: MindNavigator Technologies Pty Ltd Contact: Ami Cook Website: