Global Excellence 2021

158 Acquisition International - Global Excellence 2021 Acquisition International - Issue 4 2021 31 Jan21212 Always Learning ALLEX Srl – Società tra Avvocati is a Catania and Rome-based law firm that specialises in comprehensive legal and business management services. Driven by an ambition for change and a passion for constant education, ALLEX is on an upwards trajectory towards international success, powered by Founder, Professor Antonino Longo and his team of professionals in legal and business services. We take a closer look at the firm and how it is championing change. ocated in Catania and Rome, Italy, ALLEX Srl – Società tra Avvocati, is a leading law firm of specialists in legal advice and services in the fields of Administration, Labour, Business, Litigation, Tax, HR and Payroll, and Engineering. The firm’s multidisciplinary approach to professional services on both an extrajudicial and procedural level allows clients to handle all the elements of managing a business through a single channel that integrates comprehensive consultancy services. Founded by Professor Antonino Longo, an internationally renowned lawyer with particular expertise in corporate law and litigation, ALLEX seeks to consolidate its position in the field of business and legal services by representing the ideal professional hub for the development and protection of its clients’ interests. Serving large, small, and medium companies and public bodies in Italy and abroad, the ALLEX team of lawyers, tax and HR specialists, and forensic engineers boast transversal skills that equip them with the means to be versatile and fastidious to the needs of the client. The result is a dynamic consultancy with wide-ranging capabilities made up of a team of twenty-four professionals and staff, who share a passion to set ALLEX apart in a competitive market. Almost entirely recruited from the University of Catania and other leading Italian universities, a third of whom have graduated with honours and PHDs, the ALLEX team has cultivated a culture of continuous legal education. Professor Longo offers sponsored grants and works with his team to craft dedicated professional paths that adhere to the goals of the firm and the professional ambitions of its members. In addition, ALLEX funds its team members to take part in specialisation and masters courses in Italy and beyond to boost understanding of ‘legal English’, in addition to a variety of other initiatives in the firm of educational exchanges, research and university teaching, conferences, publications, and scientific collaborations. In these collaborations, ALLEX promotes partnerships across the academic world so that its team can remain at the cutting-edge of developments in relevant legal and economic issues. Consequently, ALLEX has established itself as a leader in modern law and business services. This has been the vision of Professor Longo since he first established the firm, having continuously focused his attention on the cultural and experiential growth of his colleagues and staff to see the professional growth of the new forensic class. The ambition of ALLEX and Professor Longo is to see the new professional impetus take over traditional conventions of the legal profession by balancing the need for digitised evolution with respect for the noble characteristics of intellectual activity. “In a digitized world,” envisages Professor Longo, “which has profoundly changed the panorama of intellectual professions, Company: Allex S.r.l. - Società tra Avvocati Contact: Graziella Cavallaro Website: L upsetting the paradigms established for decades, the change in work processes and in the approach to customers together with the study, understanding and governance of the new sectors of professional consultancy, can find an absolute reference point in the quality of human capital, capable of declining according to parameters that must take into account new ethical sensitivities and entrepreneurial needs projected towards innovative and efficient forms of synthesis with consultancy.” The vision to better serve clients across Italy and the EU has been unimpaired by the Covid-19 pandemic, thanks to the strong planning of ALLEX and its ongoing commitment to trusting, open communications with clients that prioritises the needs of them and their businesses. Consequently, ALLEX has been able to look ahead to a medium-to-long forecast, that continues to place change as the predominant driver for the firm’s unconventional process of growth. With ambitions for strong evolution empowered by learning and change resolutely at the helm of ALLEX’s strategies for success over the months and years to come, we look forward to witnessing the firm’s growth from strength to strength.