Global Excellence 2021

Acquisition International - Global Excellence 2021 145 Acquisi International - Issu 4 2021 21 Redefining Communication However clients are looking to use their digital communications – whether it be to boost their brand for investors, expand their global reach, or promote their values of corporate responsibility – Investis’ comprehensive yet unified offering makes it easy to achieve those goals. Culture of Connectivity As a global company with offices spread across the US, Europe, and Asia, Investis knows the value of staying connected. United by their company’s values – Embrace Clarity, Bring Passion, Inspire Greatness, Keep Innovating, and Measure Success – Investis’ worldwide teams share the same connectivity as they offer their clients in Investis’ technologically advanced platforms. This is where the successful growth of Investis has consistently originated from for the past two decades. Investis Digital CEO, Don Scales, who joined the organisation in early 2016 and was appointed Group CEO in 2017, is the expert on how businesses within the professional services industry can grow through their purpose, values and story, having literally written the book on the matter. “We’re living in an era where customers, shareholders, employees, and job seekers measure businesses based on their values and purpose – and we help businesses share compelling content that reflects their purpose, values, and story,” says Don. Investis has recognised that jobseekers are no longer just looking for financial rewards and promotions from a potential role. These benefits must be balanced with clear purpose and alignment with their personal values. While many within the professional services industry are still struggling to adjust to this shift, Investis has already made the change, orientating its entire corporate culture to be more valuesdriven, and putting its people first. As such, Investis relies heavily on its team to drive forward the success of their own business by empowering the successes of its clients, helping them to communicate their brand stories through strategies that have been created with expertise and client perspectives in mind. One example that is becoming increasingly common is businesses wishing to emphasise their commitments to sustainability in their digital communications. The Investis team is able to use its vast resources and compassionate insights to create the compelling content that will accentuate those commitments. Thus, the internal culture of Investis is one that acknowledges and celebrates the successes of its people and the values-driven approach employed by every member of its global team. Those who are recruited to join the team are evaluated not only on whether they meet the required skillsets, but on their entrepreneurial spirit as well as their passion, their innovation and their optimism. Teamwork and collaboration are embedded into the very culture of Investis, and the result is a dynamic team with a defined sense of purpose, which translates into effective results for their clients. “We bring passion, embrace clarity, keep innovating, inspire greatness and measure success to ensure our clients not only see but feel the true partnership we have with them,” concludes Don. The result is a connected culture that extends from Investis to its clients, and beyond into a bright future of connectivity through digital communications. Contact: Don Scales, Global CEO Company: Investis Digital Web Address: