Global Excellence 2021

146 Acquisition International - Global Excellence 2021 Acquisition International - Issue 3 2021 29 Jan21507 Going Green For Good With leading environmental solutions and trailblazing ambition, Greentech Innovators is showing the corporate world that organic waste is in fact a far more valuable resource than connotations may suggest. Discover why the firm has been named one of 2021’s Leaders in Sustainable Biowaste Solutions – Europe. ogether we will develop and implement efficient and sustainable technology that can supply the market with lowcost microalgae biomass.’ Greentech Innovators is a company trying to drive its industry towards a more environmentally sustainable future. Based in Bergen, Norway, it works to identify trends and needs in its market, collaborating with research communities, innovators, and industry titans to create waste management solutions that make ethical and business-minded sense. In this way, it seeks to create a ‘circular bio economy’ though the reuse of organic waste matter and fermentation. The fermented organic waste created by these processes is used as fertilizer, creating microalgae cultures that its daughter company, AlgaePro AS, then goes on to utilise. The microalgae are used as protein and omega-3 rich feed supplements for marine life. In this way, it has developed a system of biomatter that is both effective and sustainable, and it is from these ideas that it began to carve its place in the industry. Greentech Innovators was created by CEO Ingmar Hogoy, a proven scientist himself – he developed a passion for fishing, agriculture, and environmental issues whilst spending summers with his grandparents. Ingmar Hogoy is also the mind behind AlgaePro AS, and the love for what inspired him has permeated every aspect of this company’s operations ever since. Through attitudes of enthusiasm, free-thinking innovation, and the drive to make a true difference, Greentech Innovators paves its way to success. The company’s reputation for excellence has also occurred alongside the founder’s own continued push for furthering scientific knowledge, and he has had enjoyed an unusual career that propelled him to the forefront of the sustainable research field. Among his accomplishments, there has been the development of new techniques within fish farming, aquaculture management, and other environmental pursuits. With such exemplary minds at the helm, it’s no wonder that Greentech Innovators has become a market leader. With biowaste remaining its flagship project, it works with national experts and international experts alike; using the cumulative knowledge of research communities and innovators in Europe and beyond to find the best solutions for its clients. In developing and offering these sustainable solutions, it can offer its clients an effective and ethically sound way to manage waste. Using Greentech Innovator’s services, they can reuse organic waste by turning it into an indispensable resource for feed production and agriculture. This work allows its clients to actively engage in contributing to environmental corporate responsibility, facilitating the creation of a healthier ecological state and a greener corporate world. Use of its services also reduces greenhouse gas production from landfill and benefits its clients by way of allowing them to turn a profit from their waste. ‘T As a business, Greentech Innovators works directly within sectors across a wide cross-section of the corporate world, and in partnership with SMEs to create problem solving measures. It is committed to ensuring that its operational model is one that is sustainable for its clients as well as ecologically, feeding into its core mission. The goal for Greentech Innovators from the beginning has been to spread the truth that ‘everyone makes money going green’. In debunking the rumour that sustainable solutions are expensive and unwieldy, it seeks to work with its clients in a partnership that benefits all companies and stakeholders. A small team of 5 with a big voice that is only being amplified as it creates yet more ideas, one of its most notable partnerships has been with BIR – a company at the top of Norway’s waste management industry. It has been working with them to develop a circular economy value chain; BIR provides the waste, and then Greentech Innovators transforms it into invaluable biomatter. Due to its stellar efforts and ground-breaking approach, Greentech Innovators was named one of the Top 20 Most Innovative Companies to Watch in 2020 by Business Worldwide Magazine. And indeed, it was. In the summer of that year it secured two rounds of equity funding and grants, is working with BIR Bedrift AS at their pilot fermentation plant, with yet more grant applications in the pipeline. Company: Greentech Innovators AS Contact: Ingmar Hogoy Website: