Global Excellence 2021

Acquisition International - Global Excellence 2021 11 Acquisition I ternational - Issue 12 23 Company: TRIARQ Health Contact: John Somerville Web: Email: Medical Marvels in the Midwest. riginally TRIARQ Health was founded as an EMR company; however, over the past eleven years, the company has also established unparalleled expertise in medical billing, including patient payment management. This holistic approach of medical practice management has enabled the company to develop a unique perspective into the support independent physicians need and want from the medical sector. Currently, at TRIARQ, its core service offering consists of EMR software and financial management tools, including payer billing and patient payment services. Because more people are selecting high deductible plans, it means that doctors collect more of their revenue directly from those they care for, which is challenging and uncomfortable when most people have been used to the idea of insurance companies absorbing the costs. That is why TRIARQ is immensely proud of its patient payment capabilities since its convenient payment tools like mobile bill pay and Lockbox check processing make it easier for practices to manage their revenue. At the same time, these tools reduce the overall number of staff hours required to manage it. TRIARQ was established in order to deliver industry-leading products and services. To accomplish this, the company utilises a set of values that in short, have been a part of the organisation since its O Winners of the Most Outstanding Practice Management Solutions Provider award in 2021, TRIARQ Health is a management services organisation aptly focused on the independent medical health practice community. With a firm belief that independent physicians are the backbone of American medicine, TRIARQ aims to provide the technology, resources and scale that practices need to thrive against large hospital systems and a consolidating marketplace. Nov21144 establishment. This business ethos has guided members of staff and the company itself for over a decade, all of which include trust, attitude, and a relentlessness pursuit of excellence. The idea to immerse yourself in these values corresponds with the way TRIARQ develops their business. The company relentlessly focuses on ensuring clients are enthralled by the team, products and services with a collective, never-ending, client-centric approach to the brand. Additionally, the company seeks to establish long-term and trusting relationships that are unwavering when providing honest and truthful feedback. Moreover, TRIARQ carries a positive, passionate and can-do, actionorientated attitude that is encompassed by the overwhelming and continuous achievement to aid in the American medical field as best as possible. These values encapsulate the business and the people within, ensuring that when a product is developed or a team member is hired, these values are followed to provide high-quality products and services and an industry-leading environment. During the Covid-10 pandemic, the entire medical industry was met with unprecedented challenges. Fortunately, the team at TRIARQ was able to rise to the occasion and develop numerous solutions to aid practices in keeping their doors open and maintaining a high level of care for their patients. For TRIARQ, one of the most critical solutions developed was a contactless check-in and results monitoring solution for a network of six Covid-19 testing sites that processed hundreds of thousands of tests within the state of Michigan. In creating that solution, TRIARQ not only proved its ability as an innovative company but its capacity to build large-scale solutions that aided in the most momentous shift in the healthcare industry to date. Looking toward the future, TRIARQ has significant plans in development new and valuable client solutions. Acquired Michigan’s largest health plan, TRIARQ is exponentially expanding its investment in technology, services, and outreach to help build the independent medical practice community of tomorrow. Company Name: TRIARQ Health Contact Name: John Somerville Web Address: Contact Email: b c