Global Excellence 2021

Acquisition International - Global Excellence 2021 139 Acquisi International - Issu 4 2021 3 Proven Pedal Power! Beyond the individual stations on offer, the team have developed the bicycle to its ultimate form. The FIT is small, light, and dynamic. It does what a bike need to do with ease. Recently, the team have developed the E-FIT, which assists cyclists with an innovative technology and rider-friendly design. Users of this bike can make moves more quickly than ever before. For those who want to go classic, the ICONIC is the bike that started it all for PBSC Urban Solutions. The team have been using the design for more than a decade, and it still stands the test of time. Its sister unit is the BOOST, an e-Bike unfazed by anything a user can throw at it. It’s telling that while the team are always looking for new ways forward, its previous endeavours have proven very long lasting indeed. In many ways, this reflects the values that the team hold, and these have been key to their incredible success. Passion has ensured that they not only succeed, but that they succeed in doing the right thing. In this case, PBSC Urban Solutions is not driven purely by an eye for profit, but by a need to create Active people, smart cities and healthy planet. To them, the potential of micromobility solutions is key to this. Similarly, the performance of the company is reflected in the performance of its employees. Everyone involved at every level looks not to the challenges of today, but to the needs of tomorrow when they’re making decisions. This involves an imaginative process that embraces the possibilities available to them. By taking an attitude that is already curious and adaptable, the team are able to tailor their micromobility solutions to positively influence the future. When it comes to creating a vision for the future, the team at PBSC Urban Solutions are already there. They know the challenges involved in the running of a smart city and they have taken the time to truly understand how to deal with them effectively. Combined with an approach that is infinitely adaptable, this is truly a transport solution for our times. There is nothing quite like it, anywhere.