Global Excellence 2021

112 Acquisition International - Global Excellence 2021 Acquisition International - Issue 7 2021 5 May21506 beCause Global Consulting: The Consultancy Bettering Connections across the Corporate World with CEO Nadine B Hack at its helm With recognition as the ‘Best Specialist Stakeholder Engagement Consulting Firm’ for 2021 under its belt, beCause is a firm helping businesses and individuals put their best foot forward in effectively engaging stakeholders. With CEO Nadine B Hack who is expert at weeding out the ‘elephants in the room’ and conducting comprehensive, in-depth work that sparks an invaluable growth process, it has made itself an indispensable business partner to so many professional minds around the world. eeping the concept of human connection and empathy at the heart of its business, beCause Global Consulting helps individuals and organizations across the world better get in touch with their purpose and supporters. Fundamentally, CEO Nadine B. Hack has worked hard to make this a reality, knowing how easy it can be to get lost in the day-to-day hustle and bustle of everyday life, and how hard it can be to pull back from that and see the bigger picture. beCause therefore seeks to foster the connections that might get left to the wayside, allowing people within enterprises to connect and remain engaged with the stakeholders that are best for them and their business, securing lifelong business partnerships – friendly and even those that began as adversarial – that last years, as beCause recognizes the value in both! Having been widely lauded as an incredibly effective business partner for her work, Nadine has received praise from Harvard University and IMD Business School, both calling her a ‘master connector’. She has been leading her firm towards tremendous success since its founding. beCause, therefore, has benefitted hugely from the evolving structure that she has iteratively designed, taking it from where it was initially as a growing employee-based company to a global affiliate organization – one in which internal administrative support and an exemplary atmosphere permeate every aspect. The result has been greater flexibility, pulling together the best teams, and the most tailored bespoke engagements. At every stage of the process, beCause seeks to cultivate an environment of inclusivity and collaboration that it extends out towards the clients it consults for, encouraging the success of everyone involved and enhancing the effectiveness of entire businesses as a whole. Overall, beCause encourages co-operative work, promoting the ideal that the company is always more effective when the whole is greater than the sum of its parts. By coaching, consulting, educating, and encouraging, it has been able to help its clients through some extremely tough times in recent years – even in a corporate world where consultancy is often the first thing to be cut in a time of crisis. Therefore, it is always prepared for such an eventually of having to brace for cuts, whilst gearing up to step up to the plate more than ever for its remaining clients. This happened right after 9/11, during the 2008 and 2009 financial crash, and during the past year in the midst of Covid-19. With the world K becoming increasingly volatile, and paradigms and norms changing almost daily as the international community struggles to adapt to its own growth, beCause has adapted itself and its services accordingly to ensure that it is flexible enough to cope, offering fully online services that the pandemic required and will remain a value-added staple. The cost benefits of remote work, with the decrease of travel expenses, created more time to do actual needed work that beCause and its clients enjoy as a result. Realizing this proved invaluable. Additionally, whilst the past year has been challenging, beCause refuses to let this be a hindrance to its continued growth, with founder Nadine B Hack currently writing a book called ‘The Power of Connectedness’ with a foreword by Nobel Peace Laureate Desmond Tutu detailing how to engage stakeholders, the pitfalls and obstacles, and how such things can be overcome. She is an active member of the Forbes Council, a frequently booked keynotes speaker, and gives private presentations to boards and senior teams all over the world. It is this litany of expertise and so much more that Nadine seeks to bring to many more people in the future, encouraging prospective clients to get in touch, and let her begin taking their stakeholder engagements to the next level. Company: beCause Global Consulting Contact: CEO Nadine B Hack via Executive PA JC Brown Website: