Global Excellence 2021

28 Acquisition International - Global Excellence 2021 Acquisition International - Issue 1 2022 43 The Innovative Intellectual Property Law Firm With the wish of synergistic summation, to Sigma IPR there is nothing more important than the satisfaction of the client. Backed by a team with over 30 years of combined experience, the firm has leapt from strength to strength, becoming one of Taiwan’s leading intellectual property firms. Adding Most Innovative Intellectual Property Law Firm 2021 – Taiwan to its arsenal of accolades, the firm is destined for further success. Nov21784 ormerly known as Rich IP & Co., Sigma IPR is one of Taiwan’s leading intellectual property firms. Providing a well-rounded service, Sigma IPR strives to provide quality, going the extra mile to meet its clients’ intellectual property rights. Moreover, each key member of the team comes from an extensive technical background, rich with knowledge surrounding the industry’s rules and regulations. Indeed, the firm’s stature is unique – it is a standout in its industry – and this can be deduced down to the fact that Sigma IPR takes a client-centric approach. Throughout its services, Sigma IPR infuses its work with expertise. Involved in patent and trademark rights, the firm further specialises in litigation cases. Sigma IPR’s professionalism has caused a stir around the globe, working with clients from Taiwan, China, the United F States of America, Japan, Korea, Canada, and countries throughout Europe. In addition, it has hosted clients from Australia, South America, and South Africa. Each case is taken on by Sigma IPR’s attentive and highly professional team. Encouraged to provide the best service possible, the team is recognised for its detail-oriented and efficient approach. Furthermore, the firm is led by Managing Director and Patent Attorney, Ms. Clarice Chen. An alumna of National Taiwan University, Ms. Chen excels in all areas of patent and trademark offence and defence and is also greatly involved in chemical and biochemical-related patent prosecution, invalidation, infringement analysis, portfolio management, and litigation. Henceforth, it should come as no surprise that Sigma IPR has flourished under Ms. Chen’s leadership. Additionally, Sigma IPR prides itself on its close-knit relationships with its clients. It places emphasis on searching for solutions that benefit the clients, as it understands that no two clients are the same. After all, the customers are Sigma IPR’s main priority – henceforth, it conducts its operations in a manner that is centric to the client. Through focusing on effective communication, outstanding customer service, and gaining sustainable results, Sigma IPR successfully forges such relationships, and as a result, the firm continues to grow. Sigma IPR’s success is further bolstered by its unique specialism. In Taiwan, very few intellectual property firms are equipped with knowledge on chemical and biochemical industries, let alone do they dedicate an entire team towards the sector. Therefore, Sigma IPR is leading the way for other firms, as its chemical and biochemical team has been awarded numerous accolades. The technical fields covered by the unique chemical/biotech team include, but are not limited to, chemistry, chemical engineering, material science, polymer, semiconductor, pharmaceutical, agricultural, life science and biotechnology. It is abundantly clear as to why Sigma IPR has been presented with Most Innovative Intellectual Property Law Firm 2021 – Taiwan. Since its founding it has been a trailblazer, leading its industry into underserved territories, and developing innovative techniques that ensure results. Consequently, 2022 looks bright for the firm as it continues to reach new levels of success. Contact: Clarice Chen Firm: Sigma IPR Web Address: Indeed, the firm’s stature is unique – it is a standout in its industry – and this can be deduced down to the fact that Sigma IPR takes a client-centric approach.