Global Excellence 2021

32 Acquisition International - Global Excellence 2021 10 Issue 11 2021 Most Outstanding Corporate Catering Services Provider 2021 - Australia We catch up with the founder of Catering HQ, Steve Sidd, to discuss with him the nitty gritty of operating in the modern catering industry. With so many catering and hospitality companies offering similar – if not the same – menu items and services, Catering HQ sets itself apart by being truly bespoke and working to expertly exceed a client’s expectations. Furthermore, it does not just create food, it creates atmosphere, allowing clients to partake in a dining experience like no other. ltimately, Catering HQ is a business that provides a range of commercial consultation and function catering services to the leisure, hospitality, and food services sectors in Australia. But while that proves an apt descriptor, it fails to fully embody what makes this company so special within what is – by all regards – an extremely competitive industry. No, what makes Catering HQ so unique is its client-centric approach, and its firm, grounding ethos in producing innovative, transcendent experiences. Moreover, working with diligence, tenacity, and a true dedication to customer service, this familial-minded company is defined by a generationally spanning commitment to the industry, starting with Steve’s father’s catering business before his. The culinary arts is in Steve’s blood. Following the calling that had been an integral part of his upbringing, he established Catering HQ in 1996, and embraced the feeling of fulfilling a destiny, of sorts. With decades of experience in hospitality management by the time Catering HQ was set up, Steve can be considered a highly adept retail and food services specialist, which certainly helped in the setup of the company and in navigating those first few potential pitfalls. Furthermore, he has used his vast experience and well-earned reputation to become a respected voice in the wider industry all while bringing the core principles of an ethical, people-first, respectful catering business to the forefront of Catering HQ to ensure that his 300 strong team are happy and supported. This considerable effort has allowed Catering HQ to develop a workforce management profile that is second to none. Being an innovator and trendsetter within the greater hospitality industry, Steve has been able to keep a finger on the pulse of trends and long-term paradigms in order to ensure that Catering HQ could flourish into the leading company it is today. Since the very beginning, he has wished to create the newest and latest next best thing, contributing to keeping the sector thriving and alive by way of pioneering exemplary logistics, systems, and the ability to operate and manage excellence across a wide variety of different sites. This has cultivated an exemplary, best in class reputation for Catering HQ, which has consistently been lauded for its award-winning service and its ability to deliver the “wow factor”. U Sep21230 Recognised both nationally and internationally, the project management, human resource management, industrial relations, staff training, budget establishment, concept development, performance measurement, quality control, and new product launches that Steve has overseen help Catering HQ to manage today’s risks and maximise tomorrow’s profits. Experience, after all, is the best teacher, and Steve’s experiences help in the company’s greater pursuit towards perfection. With Steve, in turn, becoming a true devotee to creating the best client experience. With over 25 dining concepts and 32 event