Global Excellence 2021

Acquisition International - Global Excellence 2021 33 Acquisition I ternational - Issue 11 11 Catering HQ spaces across Sydney and Greater Sydney, the company offers beautiful spaces, including indoor and alfresco areas and stunning views and backdrops. The company also recently expanded into three new venues during the pandemic taking the company to 11 amazing venues, with Steve personally overseeing the redevelopment of the dining spaces that were launched. Catering HQ, in tandem with keeping at the fore of trends within the industry, finds it incredibly important to pay attention to international trends outside of it. While this has long put the company in good stead which it comes to weathering potential challenges, it proved essential when faced with the unprecedented nature of COVID-19. As a result of this, Catering HQ was able to adapt quickly and efficiently to overcome the tumult and is excited to see the world beginning to enter the post-lockdown phase – the dust finally starting to settle as the greater industry picks itself up again. Thus, Catering HQ is once again turning its attention inward towards new developments and products, looking forward to introducing many more things that will help it get ahead of the game in the years to come. Having already fully embraced plant-based products to cater to its growing segment of vegetarian and vegan clientele, the company regularly changes its menu in order to keep food items fresh and seasonal, doing an excellent job of ‘show don’t tell’ when it comes to meeting and exceeding client expectations. ‘People want an experience,’ Steve tells us, going on to explain how this forms an integral part of what Catering HQ do. It doesn’t just create the menus and foodstuffs that will set an event or dinner apart, it also provides the atmosphere, the feeling, and the additional magic that is just not able to be found anywhere else, all of which is empowered by that tailor-made Catering HQ dedication to every client’s individual goals. Crucially, Steve understands that people know what they like and what they want. More importantly, they know what they want to pay for. The Greek-Egyptian background of the founder, as well as his recent switch to a pescatarian diet, has allowed him to further keep abreast of this, as well as to provide foodstuffs and menu items that are more specific to each of these factors and serve that niche of the market segment. After all, Steve believes in serving the food that he’s passionate about, forever excited to continue to innovate and create in an industry that has largely ‘over promised and underdelivered’. Yet, Steve through Catering HQ has looked to establish a new standard for excellence, acting as a renowned pacesetter for an industry driven by leaders and innovators. No small feat, but one that Steve has handled with aplomb, with a future defined by further growth and innumerable achievements to come. Company: Catering HQ Contact: Steve Sidd Website: //