Global Excellence 2021

Acquisition International - Global Excellence 2021 49 Acquisition I ternational - Issue 11 1 The Latin American Legal Team with Worldwide Prestige AA & Company, the ‘Best Legal Marketing Consultancy’, is a company operating out of Latin America and serving clients in Mexico, Virginia, the US, and Peru, as well as organizations all over the world. In essence, each of its clients are its core focus, and with its extraordinary abilities in marketing, outreach, legal compliance, and more, its team has been trained by studying in the most prestigious legal programmes in Latin America. Furthermore, the exemplary nature of its work and the level of understanding it puts into working with every client has made it truly sector agnostic, able to work with all manner of companies from non-profits to governments in order to help them achieve their goals. Aug21450 global management consulting firm that serves all manner of different clientele across a myriad of different sectors, AA & Company works with businesses, governments, non-governmental organizations, and non-profit organizations. Fundamentally, this marketing consultancy company’s growing notoriety has come from the near universal applicability of each of its services, from rankings and international legal directories to developing business relationships between firms in order to secure long-lasting business connections for its clients. Furthermore, AA & Company will also make itself one such connection. By working in a collaborative and intuitive way when serving its clients, it is perfectly able to connect with them on a level that the client resonates with, getting a comprehensive idea of their goals and principles in order to ascertain what businesses and markets they and their product will work best in. Additionally, AA & Company is also excellent at securing business development in a wider sense, making for business-to-business sales that before may not have been possible. With its metaphorical fingers in a diversity of different pies, its clients directly benefit from the communications skills that permeate AA & Company’s staff, each member of the team able to perfectly manoeuvre in and around international communications and legal press elements. By moving in such sophisticated ways that show its intrinsic understanding of its market, it demonstrates its effectiveness to its clients and maintains their loyalty, cultivating a wide roster of loyal customers as a result. In tandem with all of this, its business intelligence database, graphic design, and web development is also second to none. Using these elements to allow clients to carve out their niche in the digital ecosystem of business, creating a remote and online footprint that will contribute to their identity as it will be perceived by their market segment, its marketing department BPO has wasted no time in impressing its peers and clients alike. Furthermore, with a process and technology management system that is truly enviable, it helps its clients to make lasting improvements to their performance that will help them to achieve even the loftiest of their goals. Critically – and during the past 14 years of its lifespan – AA& Company has thus made itself a critical player in the legal marketing field. With a variety of different solutions and techniques that it can adapt to any client’s business and to reach any market, it is exclusively equipped A for the task it finds itself posed with, leading the Latin American legal marketing industry in particular whilst also specializing in the accompaniment and advisement of global law firms who directly reap the rewards of its professional acumen when it comes to development needs, marketing, public relations, and communications. Company: AA & Company Contact: Charlotte Amir Website: