Global Excellence 2021

134 Acquisition International - Global Excellence 2021 26 Acquisit on International - Issue 5 2021 A Bright Star in the VLSI Universe XCorr Design is an IP developing innovator of deep learning chips, with over 100 years of experience shared between the team when it comes to semiconductor and physical design. Its ecosystems are built with efficacy and diligence, allowing for watertight technologies that have become known as some of the best in the industry. With key physical IP and standard cells, developing leading nodes and software for multiple semiconductor foundries, DXCorr Design Inc. has made itself an integral part of the industry. Its cutting-edge processes are hubs for a vast breadth of SoC designs incorporating complex memory IP-SRAMs, CAMs, Multiports, memory subsystems, and standard cells, showing a snapshot of the wide range a client can expect when contracting this company’s services. With some of the best available power, performance, area, and leakagekey metrics in the business, it works quickly and effectively to provide some of the most competitive offerings available. The demand on this area of its services has only grown as technology has advanced across the board, and especially as it has been marching forward with the D advent of increased home-working and remote solutions. From phones and tablets to smart watches and other smart devices giving prominence to power in ASIC designs, the development and furtherment of such devices is pivotal to keeping a business connected and up to date. In the VLSI universe in which it operates, it is the short lead time on such services that have made it stand out. The challenges posed by quickly creating solutions that are still up to DXCorr’s lofty standards have been resolved by its combination of physical IPs, specific custom blocks, and expert physical design teams. Its IPs have been heavily optimised to meet the highest possible standards of effectiveness, something its clients have come to associate with DXCorr’s work as it has made its name in its sector. This is all built upon a core principle of self-reliance, developing all its tools in-house and refusing to outsource, instead preferring to learn everything it needs to learn, by itself. By keeping its work within its team, not only do its staff have the consistent ability to upskill and build their portfolios, but costs can be kept down for clients, and standards maintained. In this way, across the board, its services come with a guarantee of delivering the same dependable and consistent quality. This demonstration of its excellence has allowed it to network with some of the top semiconductor giants in the worldwide chip industry. Whilst many of its competitors fall into a ‘one size fits all’ mentality, DXCorr bucks this trend, instead preferring a way of working that is highly tailored to match the specifications of a client. Looking forward to the rest of 2021 and beyond, DXCorr is excited to be able to announce that it has many more projects in the pipeline due for release. Its team has been working tirelessly throughout the past year to establish its own homegrown R&D unit, thereby further enhancing its in-house processes and fine-tuning its designs. With this unit in place, it hopes to be able to further invest in its artificial intelligence pursuits, the intent being, to contribute to that market as it is one of the fastest growing sectors amongst technological innovators. This is just one of the ways it will be enhancing its portfolio going forward as it continues to corner the market. Company: DXCorr Design Inc. Contact: Nirmalya Ghosh Website: Operating with dedication and efficacy, DXCorr is a semiconductor design company striving to create an exemplary product portfolio that aims to set the industry standard for years to come. Mar21078 Company: DXCorr Design Inc. Contact: Nirmalya Ghosh Website: ‘In the exploding space of Deep Learning Accelerators (DLA), DXCorr brings the innovation of “Neural Compiler” to help architects, chip designers and implementation teams build best in class Deep Learning chips to reach predictable accuracy and performance targets with quickest time-to-market.’ - Nirmalya Ghosh, CEO