Global Excellence 2021

106 Acquisition International - Global Excellence 2021 Acquisition International - Issue 6 2021 19 Apr21022 The Backbone of Contemporary Business R, Talent & Systems is a company building robust HR functions and implementing systems that underwrite growth and boost profitability across the board. Its goal is to aid mission-driven employers in finding the right person for the right job, attracting, retaining, and developing top talent through the implementation of robust internal structure. This ensures that its clients are set to blaze their own paths to success, emboldened by the measures that HRTS has put in place. HRTS lives and breathes a company whilst it is working for them; it strives to collaborate effectively and seamlessly with a client through empathic and understanding customer service, getting to know a company inside and out in order to know how best to help. It wants to get to know the ‘why’ before it shows a client the ‘how’, focusing on identifying a client’s goals and what their roadmap to success looks like. In this way, it will build, grow, and scale its solutions appropriately to fit, knowing that for great HR functions to work, it must be tailored to fit the company in question. In tandem with this, HRTS uses this to develop world-class HR, people, talent, and culture focused organizations, transforming its client’s company for the better. It has applied this formula to work with every client that has approached it thus far and found great success. Above all, HRTS empowers talent to do their best work in the best environments. Engaging with clientele in the Fortune 500 and Inc. 5000, it transforms their modus operandi and unlocks the best of their potential through exemplary asset management. HRTS, therefore, works by way of creating a virtuous cycle of engaged employees and increased revenue. To this end HRTS uses a mixture of leadership, coaching skill tutelage, and HR systems onboarding and implementation. This is made possible through its SMDI – strategy, design, motivation, and implementation – framework, helping CEOs and C-suites to better delegate, automate, and outsource. It also offers its leadership education content and professional development for employees through its platform. HRTS’s solutions improve internal communications, streamline systems, and unclog workflow, all of which makes for better and more informed decision-making. It also excels in the creation of superlative employee experiences. Further to this, in partnering with trusted vendors such as ATS, HRIS, payroll, finance, and performance management, its consultancy regarding these complex dynamics streamlines project management and creates attainable benchmarks for performance. This means it can go above and beyond traditional strategic consultancy and results in something that is high-touch and agile. Its clients tend to be companies on fast tracks to further growth, and span a multitude of industries, from healthcare and finance to fintech and consumer goods. No matter the industry or size of H The ‘Best Full-Service HR Consulting Firm’ for 2021, New York based company ‘HR, Talent & Systems’ has been proving its worth in improving the internal structure of companies across the board, one client at a time. a client’s business, HRTS will be able to find the right way to help them reorganize, restructure, and manage their future, with a staunch foundation in the latest research in its sector as portrayed in Yuri Kruman’s latest book. In this piece of exemplary material, Yuri, the CEO of HRTS, covers the nitty gritty of this in detail. Yuri himself has worked hard to foster a great environment within his own company. Fundamentally, HRTS believes in the values of transparency and trust, and this is something it intends to continually foster as it moves into the rest of 2021, with its up and coming new courses including further executive coaching and thought leadership content creation. Company: HR, Talent & Systems Contact: Yuri Kruman Website: strives to collaborate effectively and seamlessly with a client through empathic and understanding customer service, getting to know a company inside and out in order to know how best to help.