Global Excellence 2021

Acquisition International - Global Excellence 2021 77 Acquisi International - Issu 8 2021 CRM Specialists of Three Decades sustainably increasing the company’s value. Management skills such as quickly recognising new opportunities, developing future-proof models or initiating and accompanying changes while motivating employees and promoting their independence make the organisation flexible and adaptable. In their work, the managers always have a focus on the added value for the customer as well as on transparency and authenticity. Ultimately, GEDYS IntraWare does not focus on the average, but strives for perfect results. It achieves set goals with intensive commitment. The combination of ‘fresh thinking’ with knowledge and experience helps with this. It promotes creative processes, but never without losing sight of its credibility and professionalism. GEDYS IntraWare works every day to shape the everyday work of tomorrow. It is important to adapt to changes in the market and new situations. This was also the case during the COVID-19 pandemic. Its employees and customers had to work from home and needed seamless access to all the necessary data. Thanks to the company’s software, it was possible within a very short time to work 100% from home. Web access to the CRM solution enables transparent work and perfect teamwork. All around the world. The software makes it possible to react quickly and effectively to new situations. During the pandemic, it was able to hold almost 90%of all customer appointments via video meetings. This enabled more customer meetings per day and faster, more efficient customer service. Now and in the future, GEDYS IntraWare is moving forward with foresight and is constantly investing in new business areas. Its new low code development platform opens up new markets and makes it possible to implement individual software projects in the shortest possible time. Regardless of the project, industry or number of users. Years of development can be saved with this platform. Many applications and databases can be configured with just a few clicks. This ensures the future viability of many companies. Company: GEDYS IntraWare GmbH Contact: Oliver Niedner E-Mail: Phone: +49 531 123868-420 Website: