Global Excellence 2021

174 Acquisition International - Global Excellence 2021 Acquisition International - Issue 10 2021 23 Apr21116 Experienced Nordic Asset Manager Norron Asset Management is a Nordic fund manager with offices in Stockholm and Oslo. Recognised as Best Fund Manager 2021 by Acquisition International magazine, the company manages six different funds with focus on the Nordic capital markets, with these consisting of both absolute return funds, actively managed equity funds and fixed income funds. Norron’s founders are active as partners in the company, as well as the listed Norwegian industrial investment company, Aker ASA. ug 458 o manage assets is a trustworthy commitment. Managing assets for someone else requires even more responsibility. In order to optimise return for its investors, Norron follows strategies and investment philosophies based on four cornerstones: common sense, competence, accessibility, and transparency. As an active fund manager, Norron’s capability to choose the right Nordic stocks and bonds in combination with taking the right risk at the right time, which it ensures through well-established methods, rules and rigor that characterises all management within Norron, have been key to its overall success. Norron’s funds are distributed by 40 different market leading Nordic savings platforms such as insurance companies, banks and wealth managers, and through in France and Switzerland partner agreements, mainly targeting pension capital. Additionally, Norron has different kinds of international investors as clients. While it has known and been cooperating with the Nordic pension platforms since the inception of the company, it has in recent years been approached by different kinds of international investors because of good risk adjusted returns. Norron is a team-based active fund manager of multi-asset and multistrategies with an absolute return focus, investing throughout the capital structure. Each member of the investment organisation has a specific core competence which reflects that portfolio manager’s investment mandate. The competence is complementary to the other ones. Hence, each portfolio manager also has an area of responsibility within the overall fund management at Norron. This is the core of its investment philosophy and has been key to obtain competitive risk adjusted returns in all sub-strategies of each portfolio. Due to the increased regulation during the last decade, there has been a focus on a higher degree of independence, knowledge, experience and resources within the regulatory area of the business. Hence, most of the functions in Norron are outsourced to a third party in order to have a modern, flexible and cost-efficient business highly focused on its core competence. Norron uses Bloomberg as both a trading and compliance system. This organisational structure means that the investment team and Norron as such can work remotely and T still work as normal. This has been the case during the COVID-19 pandemic which has not had any negative impact on every day work. Norron is not an ESG manager per se but ESG is naturally of growing importance. The long only sustainable Nordic equity fund is classified as category 9 or “dark green” under the EU Sustainable Finance Disclosure Regime (SFDR), while the other five funds are managed with a focus on sustainability and are classified as category 8. Hence, ESG is an integrated part of its investment process and Norron perceives ESG as an important alpha source going forward. As countries are opening up and travel restrictions are being lifted, business development at Norron is speeding up again and with a focus on approaching defined regions within the European investor community. Company: Norron Asset Management Contact: Hans Bale Email: Website: Each member of the investment organisation has a specific core competence which reflects that portfolio manager’s investment mandate.