Global Excellence 2021

Acquisition International - Global Excellence 2021 101 Acquisi International - Issu 6 2021 23 Apr21386 Marketing the Future he world of digital marketing and technology solutions has changed dramatically, particularly for the luxury market. The best firms know that to stay ahead in the business world, their marketing must be world-class in every regard. The need to innovate is key, and that level of care and sophistication is just what the team at LUXE Digital Now offer. Under the leadership of Founder and CEO Jacqueline Hudson, LUXE Digital Now has kept the luxury and beauty industry moving forward. Working alongside some of the most preeminent brands and businesses in the industry such as L’Oréal, Burberry, American Express and Jaguar, the team have had an enormous impact on the luxury sector at large. Despite being a young company, the creative voice within their marketing has always roared a fresh and dynamic approach which sets them apart from the competition. Much the team’s success is due to the diverse nature of the team, which has successfully launched almost two hundred campaigns since the doors first opened. Talented individuals drive every step that the firm takes, with the core values of integrity and diversity shared by every member. The nature of the pandemic has forced a change in the way that the team has worked, but despite working as remote groups, LUXE Digital Now has still been able to foster a close community culture in its organization. The ever-evolving, omni-channel environment that is the modern world of commercialism and marketing has proven to be the ideal place for this incredibly inclusive team to thrive. Digital mediums are an oftenunderutilised resource and the work that goes into them is often illmanaged. Working with a team like LUXE Digital Now guarantees that luxury products have a true luxury story told about them. Of course, leading the way in innovation doesn’t come easily. The team have developed a ground-breaking Artificial Intelligence T Industry keeps moving forward, but none with quite the pace of the marketing sector. As companies embrace new ways of doing things, teams of talented marketeers must adapt to technological revolutions and the digital age. One of the leading firms in this area is LUXE Digital Now, named Most Innovative Luxury Marketing & Technology Solutions Firm 2021 – USA in Acquisition International’s Global Excellence Awards. We look to see how the team have represented the world’s most esteemed brands. Data Analytical System (AiDAS). This artificial intelligence cloud program is designed exclusively for global corporations to gain complete autonomy of their digital marketing, ecommerce and digital technologies data. Not only does this allow C-Level and Marketing Executives to enhance their marketing strategies, but also to boost data collection and autonomy for marketing ROI and therefore enhance KPI on budgets, advertising control and more. AiDAS allows the exhibition of investment and profitability input scaling with real-time conversions and predictive data analytics for investment purposes, too. The COVID-19 pandemic transformed the way that marketing was to be done, but for an innovative company such as LUXE Digital Now, it was a quick and easy period of adaptation. The team’s tech-centric nature meant that the new, virtual office was one which was quickly designed and has proven instrumental to the firm’s continued success. For a firm which is relatively young, the pandemic was a test of resilience, one which the team have been able to pass with flying colours. Needless to say, the future is bright for this talented team. The technological space continues to open up with new and startling brilliant possibilities. As the team explore the potential of space and holographic systemic technology, the are able to open the doors to entirely new ways of marketing. The luxury and beauty industry is one which demands the most innovation. Companies thrive by looking for the next best thing, and being able to utilise it before it becomes old and stale. Finding these innovations and getting the most out of them is precisely what the LUXE Digital Now team deliver each and every time. Company: LUXE Digital Now Corporation Name: Jacqueline Hudson Email: Web Address: