Global Excellence 2021

164 Acquisition International - Global Excellence 2021 24 Acquisit on International - Issue 3 2021 Jan21069 How to Change the World Addiction drives so much of the world today, but none with quite the same intensity as sugar addiction. This leads to health challenges that must be countered by education about good nutrition. We take a look at Jump To Health Inc., as they are named Best Nutrition & Weight Management Products Provider 2021 – California in Acquisition International’s Global Excellence Awards. mproving health isn’t just about making people feel better. The team at Jump To Health™ know that helping people learn about good nutrition, and helping them end sugar cravings, will improve a host of other factors as well. Jump helps people in the four pillars of Health, Wealth, Living, and Giving - to create a whole person approach to healthy living i.e. better health creates a situation where people can thrive. It’s an end result that keeps the team pushing forward. Of course, this outcome does not come easily, and the team at Jump To Health are taking it one person at a time. They serve clients who want to live more healthily and embrace a more natural way of living. What sets the team apart is their commitment to offering tools and training that take a holistic view to health, and then wealth. The team assist people to find their “Inner fit”. Their products, programs, recipes and education were created by a PhD Nutritionist with 30 years’ experience helping people improve their health with good nutrition. To support their clients, the team offers a wealth of different products and prices to suit everyone. No two people are the same, so the range of products and programs vary based on lifestyle and health concern. The team provides twelve weeks of free content, guiding people on eating healthy, sleep, mood, hydration and information on nutrition, and are expanding this education to include 12 weeks of personal development, and 12 weeks of financial health education. For those who are starting on their health journeys, the team has solutions to meet the needs of various health concerns such as weight, blood sugar, digestive health and immune health to name but a few. Their products are natural, taste good, are affordable, and more importantly – they work. Part of the key to Jump To Health’s enormous success is from the members-only benefits provided. They offer an exclusive savings site that allows customers to shop online at hundreds of popular high street stores and save a great deal of money. The team are working alongside renowned merchants such as Old Navy, Macy’s, Walmart, Walgreens and Kay Jewellers, meaning that quality is assured at every step. The site also opens the doors to discount tickets at much in demand venues such as Disneyland and Sesame Street, not to mention water parks, movies and concerts and deep discounts non hotels and travel. It’s truly an astonishing experience. The pandemic has affected every business in some way, but for the team at Jump To Health, COVID-19 saw a supply chain that was massively affected and an urgent need to change the way in which the team sold and shared their products. The team tackled this by working closer with suppliers to ensure that ample stock was available, and by offering new digital tools to sell products. The pandemic has proven how essential an online presence is in the Company: Jump To Health, Inc. Name: Audrey Sommerfeld Web Address: Email: I current market, and so the team are focusing on providing more social telling tools, mobile apps, customer rewards, and focusing on more B2C communications. 2021 provides the team at Jump To Health with the prime opportunity to focus on their brand, adding additional value to their customers. With those who are on the firm’s health journey, it will be possible to get free gift items, recognition and encouragement to keep them focused and motivated. For those who want to develop a healthier mind-set, with a holistic viewpoint, the team at Jump To Health are ready and waiting to help. Their approach is one which champions real change that will last for years to come. Their products are natural, taste good, are affordable, and more importantly – they work.