Global Excellence 2021

26 Acquisition International - Global Excellence 2021 64 Issue 11 2021 sep21910 Digital Warriors: Cyber Protectors Castle Shield Holdings LLC was established to provide companies with a complete range of enterprise-grade cybersecurity solutions to help protect them against all internal and external cyber threats. Its proprietary quantumresistant technologies stand strong as the last line of defense for a company’s data in the quantum computing era threat landscape. Here we look at its work as it wins Most Innovative Enterprise Security Solutions Provider 2021 – Virginia. astle Shield Holdings LLC is pioneering quantum-resistant encryption, a cybersecurity firm that protects data with best-inclass encryption. Its Legion SIEM solutions provide a ‘one pane of glass’ view into all security information events occurring across the enterprise. In addition, its Senate solution provides enterprises with a programmatic and automated way to ensure that they are meeting regulatory compliance requirements. In short, Castle Shield puts a quantum-resistant shield around the company’s data under the guise of its Zero Trust Architectural framework. Castle Shield provides enterprise security built from the ground up for today and tomorrow. Enterprise security is more than protecting single elements in an enterprise. The company firmly believes that the enterprise must be built upon a never trust, always verify foundation commonly called Zero Trust. At the center of their solutions is its Quantum Resistant Architecture (QRA). As a result, organizations implementing its solutions will apply industry best practices to improve cyber awareness and resiliency. The company’s approach to cybersecurity begins with understanding the complex relationship between compliance and cybersecurity implementation across the entire enterprise. The company’s patented SIEM (security information event management) solutions have been proven to scale for billions of security events from thousands of customers in real-world security environments. Castle Shield’s SIEM solutions utilize a leading-edge log collection engine with robust correlation and analysis as well as a multi-tenant SIEM Platform. Multi-tenancy allows its customers to employ one Security Analyst per 100 customers. Its solution begins the process of a single pane of glass analysis required to monitor and manage numerous environments to achieve cybersecurity awareness. Castle Shield’s solution is flexible and can be installed in the provider’s local (cloud) environment allowing complete control while adhering to chain of custody concerns to meet established forensic investigation standards. The customer benefits from a scalable multi-tenant platform, delivering security products and remediation services cost-effectively. Castle Shield’s founder Jeffrey T. Roney, launched the company in 2019 with a vision to provide a holistic approach to cybersecurity while adopting a Zero Trust Model. Dr Milton Mattox, who joined Castle shield as Chief Technical Officer in 2020, is a solutions-focused senior executive and technologist with 25+ years of success across various industries such as engineering, IT, healthcare, and telecommunications. Most companies implement cybersecurity functionality on a patchwork basis which leaves the integration often compartmentalized and vertical. The lack of interoperability among vendors’ solutions created an excellent opportunity. Castle Shield’s platforms enables IT professionals, to turn compartmentalized (vertical views) into horizontal views. Moreover, Castle Shield can analyze logs (across-platforms) generated by hardware and software and display them in a single dashboard format. C Castle Shield, as a company, was not as negatively impacted by the Covid-19 pandemic. However, externally, the pandemic caused more people to work from home, and thus companies found that this made them more vulnerable to cyberattacks. To this end, Castle Shield has been able to help companies be better prepared for the cybersecurity challenges associated with a new, highly remote workforce. Castle Shield provides companies with a complete range of enterprisegrade cybersecurity solutions. The company’s proprietary quantumresistant technologies stand strong as the last line of defense for a company’s data in the quantum computing era threat landscape. All organizations are vulnerable to cyberattacks, whether inanimate or human; no resource should be trusted without verification, authentication, and the proper credentials. Cyberattacks are inevitable, and organizations must be fully prepared for today and the quantum era of tomorrow. Precisely, protecting and saving an organizations’ data is analogous to protecting the castle in days long past. Furthermore, organizations protected by installing a quantum-resistant shield around it, a shield based on the tenets of the Zero Trust framework. Consequently, the company’s name, Castle Shield, represents its intention–helping protect companies’ castles (i.e., their data) by placing a protective cybersecurity shield around them. In today’s cybersecurity threat-laden environment, all companies are vulnerable to cyberattacks. No company is immune to the threat of data breaches, ransomware, computer viruses, and other forms of malware attacks. A cyberattack against a company is not a matter of will it happen -- it is a matter of when. The threat of cyberattacks will become even more acute during the quantum era. As a result, all companies, no matter their size, market, products, and services, must do all that they can to protect themselves against the certainty of a cyberattack starting right now. In short, quantum-resistant solutions prepare enterprises for the era of quantum computing by updating their existing mathematical-based algorithms and standards so that they are not vulnerable when quantum computers become ubiquitous. Overall, Castle Shield’s vision for the next five years is bold. The company envisions a world where all organizations can confidently and successfully keep their data secure from cyberattacks, irrespective of their size. Castle Shield intends to make this endeavor much more apparent for all organizations. Company Name: Castle Shield Holdings, LLC Contact Name: Jeffrey T. Roney Office Locations: 537 Valley St., Scottsville, VA 24590 Website: