Global Excellence 2021

104 Acquisition International - Global Excellence 2021 6 Acquisit on International - Issue 6 2021 Apr21011 Leading the Way for Client Focused Banking Having won the award for the Best Full-Service Community Bank’ in 2021 for Pennsylvania, Customers Bank has proven its worth time and time again to its customers and staff alike. Focusing on the pillars that keep it standing, it reflects on what about its business sets it apart. ustomers Bank is a financial service based on the principle of community. A bank with $18.1 billion in assets as of March of this year, it has again and again proven its proficiency in handling commercial and consumer banking services. Found along the I-95 corridor from Washington DC to Boston, its commercial products include cash management, commercial and industrial loans, small business loans, SBA government-guaranteed loans, commercial and family real estate loans, and financing for leasing businesses and residential developers. All of these competencies together form an expansive list; and it has proven its worth in meeting the demands of each separate task perfectly. In this way, it shows its clients both prospective and current how much diligence with which it works. This bank also is greatly able to provide consumer bank services. These are just as efficient and exemplary as the commercial branch, whilst recognizing that these are two separate fields. Therefore, its consumer bank services including savings, checking and money market accounts, certificates of deposit, residential mortgages, and consumer loans. Alongside all of these are its additional consumer products, which include its ‘ascent money market savings’, which is marketed by the Customers Bank Digital Banking Division. The efficacy it shows throughout its management of customer service, as well as management of money and assets, sets this bank head and shoulders above its competition; and has made it the bank of choice for many. Additionally, the Customers Bank is also a member of the Federal Reserve System. An element which further increases the trust its customers can put in it by enhancing its reliability, deposits are insured by the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation. Customers Bank also takes great pride in being an equal opportunity lender, working hard to serve every customer that walks through their doors in a way that will best help that individual, with no judgement involved and always treating them with empathy and sensitivity. First and foremost, it seeks to deliver industry-leading customer service, all the while charging some of the lowest fees available in the current market. Its commercial clients also benefit from a Single Point of Contact service. This, fundamentally, means that one member of the team will be handling all of a client’s banking needs, from the initial consultation all the way through a client’s journey. In this way, confusion is avoided, and a personable, tailored service can be achieved wherein a client feels truly seen, heard, and valued, without the frustration of having to re-explain elements of their case every time they work with a new banker. Retail bank clients are also offered an additionally helpful C service in its Concierge Banking Service. This unique and efficient solution brings banking directly to the client – and it will do so only when and where they need it. Customers Bank’s headquarters is in Phoenixville; a subsidiary of Customers Bancorp Inc, a banking holdings company whose voting common shares are listed on the New York Stock Exchange under the symbol CUBI. Ranked in total assets, Customers Bank is also in the top 3% of the United States, and has offices in PA, NY, RI, MA, NH, NJ, and IL. This multitude of factors aptly shows how it refuses to compromise when it comes to customer service and industry excellence. The Customers Bank strives above all to make its customers say ‘wow’, from having efficient and professional staff, to personalized and tailorable service and setting sector-leading standards. Due to this, internally, it has worked hard to create an exemplary atmosphere that encourages healthy co-operation between staff members and a friendliness that they can extend out towards the customers. It eagerly recognizes team members for their good work, with a ‘President’s Wow Award’ that is given to a member of staff to celebrate them for their achievements. The assignment of this award is based on things like customer service surveys, social media comments from customers, thank you notes that are left for certain team members, recognition from community groups or charities, public recognition as a pace setter of leader of industry, receipt of annual awards or shining star awards, or clearly demonstrating their passion for their work. When handling the needs of its customers, it trains each member of staff to deliver high-touch personal or private banking. This is all supported by the most high-tech equipment and the best techniques to be found in banking; in this way, it always keeps a finger on the pulse of modern developments in its industry in order to remain competitive. Its Concierge Banking service is an excellent example of this. By way of making itself available 7 days a week, it helps its customers to succeed by ensuring they always have the support of Customers Bank on their side. The following values ensure that the customer is put first in all things, an attitude that permeates every layer of Customers Bank’s Structure – firstly, it operates with mutual trust. Trust given to it by the client in choosing it to manage their money is repaid by Customers Bank trusting them in return, forming solid lifelong relationships between clientele and the team. Secondly, respect is something that Customers Bank finds absolutely paramount when it comes to work in the banking sector. Respect shown to a customer becomes mutual, and respect amongst the staff backstage ensures a healthy environment there too, forming the basis for a company with a consistently healthy working atmosphere.