Global Excellence 2021

14 Acquisition International - Global Excellence 2021 38 Issue 1 2022 Nov21615 Female-led Interior Design Takes Over The interior design industry is fiercely competitive and demanding. However, Opaal Interiors and Detay Living thrives on the competition, and has set itself apart as a leader of the industry. Earning the accolade of Most Innovative Interior Design Firm 2021 – UAE, the female-led company shows no signs of slowing down over the next year, having many exciting plans under its wing. he world of interior design is ever-changing – there are trends constantly burning out as others are created at an even greater pace. Innovation is key. To simply make it in the sector, you need a keen eye for spatial awareness, a deep understanding of aesthetics, and the ability to optimise space whilst creating something magnificent. Indeed, the industry is often harsh and competitive but is rewarding in equal measure. Leading the way for not only the industry but also female entrepreneurs, Opaal Interiors and Detay Living is taking over the Dubai and UAE interior design world. Throughout her childhood Noor Al Muhaideb had a deep appreciation for well-designed spaces and revelled in exploring different design mediums. As she grew older, her creativity flourished, leading her to undertake an Interior Design degree at the American University of Sharjah. After graduating in 2002, her career as an interior designer began when she was hired by Emaar Properties. Developing her skills for 15 years, her portfolio blossomed, filled with endless residential, hospitality, and commercial developments. However, Noor Al Muhaideb had something greater in mind – something innovative and different that would propel her to the next stage of her career. Founding Opaal Interiors and Detay Living in 2016, the designer and businesswoman endeavoured to make a great impact on the interior design sector. As the years have flown by, the company has done just that. With a diverse portfolio of both commercial and residential projects, Opaal Interiors and Detay Living creates sleek, luxurious, and contemporary designs. With the client’s goal and its own style in mind, the company emphasises glamour and opulence in everything it does and in every creative choice it makes – from the floors to the ceilings. Behind the magnificent designs stands a strong, female-led team, and together they create a dynamic and efficient work environment that strives for perfection. Over the past year, the team has overcome the challenge of working from home, which has invoked a newfound collective sense of confidence. Additionally, there is a collective focus on evolution – the team is constantly finding ways to enhance their operations, believing that good ideas can spawn from anywhere. It is with this firmly in mind that the company has cultivated a creative environment that is a hotbed for experimentation and innovation. When looking at prospective employees, Opaal Interiors and Detay Living is drawn towards candidates that would be a natural fit for the workplace. It is imperative that the candidate is able to demonstrate creativity and holds the right qualifications. Furthermore, the company T actively searches for people who are flexible with their time, and more importantly those that can serve customers with warmth and empathy. Indeed, Opaal Interiors and Detay Living sees such traits as vital in an employee as it is a demanding yet invigorating job that requires a great amount of dedication and energy. The empowerment of women is a priority to the company – indeed, it aims to inspire women to take ownership of their dreams and start their own businesses or work their way into positions of power. Opaal Interiors and Detay Living wants to see more women in leadership roles – of course, this dream is backed by its own CEO being a successful working mother of four. Understanding the challenges that women face in the business world, the firm provides an array of advice that has been proven to work – whether it’s embracing help from family or developing a thick skin and persistence. Within the company, female employees are encouraged to become innovators and to develop their skills, it is vital to the company that women are treated as equals to their male counterparts. Opaal Interiors and Detay Living is committed to finding the balance between the desires of its clients, the demands of the industry, and the dimensions of the interior. With ingenuity and innovation, it aspires to create a harmonious balance and ultimately give the client the best possible outcome. Moreover, the firm invites the client to collaborate and form a partnership during the design and creation process, therefore ensuring the highest of quality results and a bond with the customer. It is eager to understand each client’s vision, in turn it combines its advanced knowledge of materials, textures, finishes, and colour theory to authentically elevate the client’s space. It is this mindset that sets Opaal Interiors and Detay Living apart from its competition. The relationships it forms with its clients is able to coexist with the team’s creative leadership, ultimately serving as the main motivation for the company to hire professionals with strong customer service skills. Of course, it is the clients that make the company successful, and through its methods and extensive planning, it provides multiple options to satiate their needs. In addition, Noor Al Muhaideb’s background has provided her with a great insight into the gaps in the market – therefore, she pushes her team to fulfil these underserved areas, be it through communication or experimental designs. Despite its great success, the company has faced numerous challenges during its meteoric rise. The ongoing Covid-19 pandemic