Global Excellence 2021

68 Acquisition International - Global Excellence 2021 16 Issue 9 2021 The Answer to Antibiotic Immunity BioPlx Inc, having earned the ‘Award for Innovation: Microbiomics Development’ in 2021, has been working hard to demonstrate the clinical safety and effectiveness of non-antibiotic products. With more people than ever not responding to antibiotic treatment due to the drugs being overprescribed, BioPlx is lending the medical industry a solution, with the results of safe and effective clinical trials, pioneering new microbiomic product patents, and an extended clinical platform of IP filings across multiple dimensions. eing both advanced and innovative, BioPlx Inc has made a name for itself with the provision of Microbiomics; essentially, non-antibiotic control methods for the handling of infectious disease. Fundamentally, its work includes multiple-drug resistant ‘super bug’ busting products that can take over from antibiotics when those products no longer function to stop an infection in its tracks, allowing the medical world to respond to mutations in the DNA of those diseases. BioPlx employs a wide range of industry leading minds in order to do so, and by use of its targeted microbiological agents, it creates unique formulae and brilliant therapeutic solutions that restore a microbiome to its original function, making it a first line of defence against disease. Additionally, it is focused on helping hospitals and communities control the spread of infectious disease. With an especial concentration of its services working on community acquired dermal diseases such as MRSA, v-MSSA, and more, its emphasis is on preventing recurrence B Jul21467 and stopping reinfection, allowing regions to wrest control back in the face of what threatens its people. Furthermore, BioPlx ensures that all of its work is thoroughly tested before it leaves the lab. Having collected both clinical and pre-clinical data about its products prior to release, it is always ready and willing to show clients and stakeholders the proof behind the effectiveness of what they are looking to receive from it – in terms of its results and in terms of its safety for end users. Having filed several patents that protect its unique products and ways of working, its platform is thoroughly its own creation, and its targeted orphan drug and IND designations are slated to soon also be patented, having established a number of private equity and angel backers within its industry. This, in essence, means that BioPlx is always ready to hit the market when it releases new products, and that its clients can trust it will only release what it is truly proud to serve. Regarding its platform in particular, this provision seeks to combine advances in microbiome ecology with novel genetic methods, resulting in a unique, safe, sophisticated space to develop functional characteristics for many different microbiome-associated organisms. BioPlx’s work is determined to change the world of medical product development for the future by showing it how keeping a finger on the pulse of adaptation, change, and alteration is a good thing. With the overuse of antibiotics causing difficulties in the population wherein the drugs that previously worked no longer have the desired effect, BioPlx is there to provide the solution that the market is hankering for, especially when the pathogen returns in a patient after a treatment method has been explored without warning. This has been especially helpful for hospitals dealing with MRSA, as BioPlx has developed the first interventional microbiomic treatment for the disease, saving billions of dollars for the institutes trying to treat this disease as soon as it emerges in a patient. Having gained renown for services like this, it will be using such things as a springboard as it moves towards the bright future that is surely ahead, becoming more and more the medical industry’s backbone as it develops and demonstrates the effectiveness of a new class of solution. Company: BioPlx Inc. Contact: Ravi Starzl Website: