Global Excellence 2021

178 Acquisition International - Global Excellence 2021 8 Acquisit on International - Issue 2 2021 Creating Novel And Characteristic Playgrounds Established in 2005, Play Concept Limited is a highly acclaimed and recognised playground design specialist. Having recently found success in Acquisition International’s 2021 Global Excellence Awards, we got in touch with Judie Au to find out more about one of Hong Kong’s most outstanding children’s play area design specialists available in the industry today. lending rich experience and extraordinary creativity, Play Concept Limited thinks outside the box to design fascinating and award-winning playgrounds. To begin, Judie provides a brief overview of the firm and offers more insight into its clientele. “As an energetic and experienced team with broad specialties, we are highly adept in product design, interior design and landscape architecture. Our process is a mix of rigorous methods and the magic of creation. Using innovative and environmentally friendly materials enables us to create sustainable playgrounds for our children. Having completed over 1000 projects, we strive to continue to create playgrounds that are inviting, inclusive, and enticing for all. While we ensure that all our spaces are exciting and challenging, we put the utmost priority on creating safe playgrounds. “Since the beginning, we have been pushing the boundaries of playgrounds and landscape design to create spaces that connect people, encourage healthier living, and integrate aesthetics, architecture, and nature. An understanding of the joy of play and treasuring the values of design concepts allows us to create novel and characteristic playgrounds that provide thrilling and educational experiences to children. While serving the government, residential developers, shopping malls, hotels and schools, our works have been recognised by international organisations. Projects for schools and malls have won design awards including IF Design Awards, German Design Awards and many other accolades”. In its attempts to distinguish itself from the crowd, the firm remains committed to creativity and innovation. With one of the largest design teams among the playground industry in Hong Kong, Play Concept Limited’s experienced professionals always generate outstanding ideas for their customers, which Judie is keen to highlight. B Nov20465 “In order to fulfil our missions, we moved our focus from traditional standard equipment to customisation and innovation. From design to installation, we can provide an integrated one-stop solution for every project. By communicating closely with our clients we ensure that our clients’ needs are met. Typically, we decide on details such as the project aspirations, timeline, and play value of the playground while conducting on-site surveys to assess the scale of the project. Additionally, we have an in-house engineering team and certified safety inspectors that help us to implement any kind of structure to the playgrounds. Ultimately, we promise our clients what they see is what they get, and we never fail them.” Regarding the internal culture in place, much of the firm’s success can be attributed to the commitment of its staff, as Judie explains further. “Bycombiningprofessionalismwithpassion, innovationand imagination, our design team have played an essential role in the success of the company. In addition, the sales team provide professional pre-sale presentations and excellent customer service to our clients. To ensure implementations can be run smoothly, our project team also provide technical and on-site support. All of our teams are indispensable and without them Play Concept wouldn’t be the company it is today.” Looking ahead to what the future holds for the firm, Judie signs off by sharing some of the exciting plans which lie in the pipeline for the team at Play Concept Limited in the years to come. “Apart from what we have achieved, we want to keep thinking of how to design a distinctive play experience that wins children over. Moreover, we also want to bring the elements of nature and eco into our play design, to promote sustainability in playgrounds and to build a better future for our children.” Company: Play Concept Limited Contact: Judie Au Website: “...we have an in-house engineering team and certified safety inspectors that help us to implement any kind of structure to the playgrounds. Ultimately, we promise our clients what they see is what they get, and we never fail them.”