Global Excellence 2021

166 Acquisition International - Global Excellence 2021 30 Acquisit on International - Issue 4 2021 Jan21231 Contact: Karunesh Prasad Company: Change Et Al. Web Address: aking a hands-on approach to effective business transformation consultancy, Change Et Al is a powerful advocate for the capacity for change through people, process and culture. Since its establishment in 2014, the Singapore-based consultancy has worked with clients around the globe within the fields of Manufacturing, Financial Services, Technology, Energy, Oil & Gas and Healthcare to support them through Change and Transformation initiatives with tangible results. As a Change Management company, Change Et Al’s vast expertise is implemented into the many facets of an organisation, which can be broken down into three core concepts: People, Process, and Culture. Whether clients are looking to build employee engagement or discover creative onboarding solutions, consolidate back office operations or manage supply chains, or completely overhaul the culture of new, established, or transitioning businesses, Change Et Al is on hand with decades of experience to support its ambitions. The 4A Change Model comprises all of these attributes in an open programme that is customizable to its client organisations. A newly created integrated training with virtual and self-paced learning combination through Change Et Al academy for change leaders, agents and key employees of modern, forward-thinking businesses, the 4A model offers guidance in employee engagement, accelerated change, and improved organisational results in a four-step process of Align, Apply, Accelerate and Assimilate. It is a streamlined yet comprehensive programme that offers pragmatic experience as part of Change Et Al’s commitment to education through consultancy. ‘Your Ability To Change Defines Your Success’. As a team of business transformation experts, change is - as its name suggests - at the heart of Change Et Al. Working with businesses around the world to support them in empowering People, Processes and Culture to facilitate tangible change, Change Et Al has established itself as a leading consultancy and education firm for forward-thinking enterprises. We take a closer look as the firm celebrates success at the Acquisition International 2021 Global Excellence Awards. Empowering Change T The 4Amodel is just one of the courses available through the Change Et Al Academy, an online learning portal that has been curated to provide agile, evolving organisations with the resources to facilitate real change. There is no ‘one size fits all’ approach to implementing the way organisations manage change, and the Academy accordingly offers multiple courses that are a blend of online and face-to-face teaching that use a choice of the best learning methodologies to suit each business. Complete with videos, quizzes, webinars and even games, the Change Et Al platform has been cultivated to make learning fun and conducive to the vital evolution of a business. In keeping with the Change Et Al belief in connectivity to empower change, the firm has built a vast network of partners as well as clients. Working with the change and transformation consultants, and the freelance expert network of Bridge et Al (an online freelance marketplace), Change Et Al is able to provide its clients with resources and insights that span further than its own pool of talent. Committed to delivering comprehensive solutions that work, Change Et Al goes the extra mile to deliver outstanding results. It is therefore unsurprising that Change Et Al is able to add its recognition by Acquisition International as the Most Innovative Business Transformation Consultancy 2021 in the APAC region to its roster of awards and glowing testimonials from clients around the world. Having successfully served major brands such as GE, MUFG Bank, Sabre, Baker Hughes, The World Bank and Unilever since its inception, Change Et Al has truly established itself on the global stage as an effective provider of solutions for change in less than a decade. We look forward to seeing what the years ahead hold for this firm of innovators as it continues to transform the way we do business.