Business Excellence Awards 2024 • Business Excellence Awards 2024 Most Innovative Medical Device Manufacturer 2024 - Southern California & MedTech CEO of the Year 2024 (California): Perry Brunette In the healthcare sector, Artificial Intelligence (AI) continues to prove itself a true gamechanger, whether used to organise patient data or in the form of robots to assist in surgery. PathFree Technologies Corporation (PathFree) is an American manufacturing company leveraging the power of AI to improve healthcare, particularly that required in critical situations. We learn more about this company and its CEO and Co- Founder, Perry Brunette in light of a double win in the Business Excellence Awards 2024. PathFree Technologies Corporation

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Contents 6 PathFree Technologies Corporation: Most Innovative Medical Device Manufacturer 2024 - Southern California & MedTech CEO of the Year 2024 (California): Perry Brunette 10 The Original Wishing Tree: Most Unique Holistic Gift 2024 (APAC): The Original Wishing Tree 12 Big D Vapor: Best Vape Products eTailer 2024 - USA 14 Building Concept Trading Company: Most Trusted Construction & Cladding Company of the Year 2024 – Saudi Arabia 16 Little Monsters House Of Fun: Soft Play Centre of the Year 2024 - Essex 17 Simon Mander Consulting P/L: Excellence Award for Australian Visa Services 2024 18 Uptech Ltd: Most Trusted Managed IT Support Business 2024 - East Anglia 19 Mettyear’s Day Spa, Salon, and Cafe: Most Trusted Hair & Beauty Salon 2024 - Kent 20 Scanning Suite: Best New Dental Imaging Group 2024 - UK 21 Ecopha Pty. Ltd. (ECOPHA): Best Eco-Friendly Bioplastics Company 2024 - APAC 22 SICON GmbH: Best Scrap & Metal Processing Equipment Manufacturer 2024 & Product Design Innovation Award 23 Cybersnap: Cybersecurity Thought Leader of the Year 2024 (Canada): Gregory Dharma LePard 24 Evolution Analytics: Most Innovative Data & Analytics Consultancy 2024 - Illinois 25 Haute Florist: Best Online Luxury Florist 2024 - Northern England 26 Pro-Tuition Essex Ltd: Best Tuition Centre 2024 - Essex 27 Atelier Thomas Pucher ZT GmbH: Excellence Award in Commercial Architecture 2024 - Austria 28 Debbie Ingram Property Consultancy: Best Off Market Residential Sales Agency 2024 - North West London 29 Podium 4 Sport: Leading Suppliers of Sports & Fitness Equipment 2024 - Belfast 30 FAROHAR ENTERPRIZES: Best Specialist Outsourced Services Company 2024 31 The Closet Factor: Best Sustainable Clothing Company 2024 - California 32 Eurolex: Construction Lawyer of the Year 2024 (Bulgaria): Dimitar Delchev 33 The Bergaila Companies: Best Oil & Gas Sector Staffing Agency 2024 - USA 34 Leave Timeshare: Best Timeshare Contract Termination Specialists 2024 – USA 35 Fordham Henderson Consulting Ltd: Best Business Mentoring & Executive Coaching Company 2024 - South East England 15 8 37

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Contents 15 8 37 36 Online Courses by MAKO Ltd: Best Health & Safety Training Courses Provider 2024 - UK 37 Steelo Ltd: Best Structural Steel Fabrication Company 2024 - London 38 The CPD Group Ltd. Most Trusted CPD Accreditation Service Company 2024 - UK 39 Bragée Osteopati: Holistic Clinic of the Year 2024 - Sweden 40 Team Forms: Best Business Form Developer 2024 - Australia 41 SICGEN: Antibody Manufacturing Biotechnology Company of the Year 2024 - Europe 42 MMF Global Trading LLC: Best Polymers Supplier 2024 - UAE 43 Health Optimizing: Most Innovative Global Digital Medicine Enterprise 2024 44 Hamilton Deed: Best Health & Saftey Advisors 2024 - UK 45 Pegasus Search & Selection Ltd: Best Quantity Surveying Recruitment Consultancy 2024 - UK 46 Fabs Domiciliary Homecare Limited: Domiciliary Homecare Company of the Year 2024 - London 47 Roki Group: Best Global Digital Agency 2024 - London 48 D’Alessio Law: Best Immigration Law Firm 2024 - California 49 Performing Arts Talent Management Enterprise of the Year 2024 - Italy 50 Days Lettings: Residential Lettings Agency of the Year 2024 - Hampshire

6 | Acquisition International, Business Excellence Awards 2024 Most Innovative Medical Device Manufacturer 2024 - Southern California & MedTech CEO of the Year 2024 (California): Perry Brunette aving estblaihsed PathFree Technologies Corporation alongside Dr. Kongyuan, a renowned Chinese anaesthesiologist with multiple patents, Perry Brunette started out at the company as CFO in March 2021. Just three months later, Perry had moved into the role of CEO, a transition that reflects his exceptional expertise and commitment to his work. One of the visionaries behind the company, he leverages his background in finance, information technology, and AI to align with technological advancements and remain poised for growth within the industry. Prior to PathFree, Perry acquired extensive experience in raising capital for multiple private entities, and he qualified from the MBTI Business Training Institute with an associate degree in business, office automation, technology, and data entry. He also served his country in the US Navy. Dedication has been a true running theme throughout Perry’s career, with him always demonstrating perseverance and, in combination with his belief in God, he feels that this is what has led him towards success and the fruitful professional and personal relationships he holds dear today. Even outside of work, he is very much involved with the Pitchbook venture capital and private equity database, as well as takes part in community service. At PathFree, Perry is joined by an outstanding team of engineers and researchers who, with creative thinking and precision, translate ideas into reality and push the boundaries of AI in healthcare. The engineers work closely with medical professionals to ensure the devices are not only cutting-edge but also practical and intuitive for doctors and nurses in high-pressure situations. Then, there are the data scientists, the guardians of PathFree’s machine learning algorithms who are constantly analysing and refining its core product, AiMediaQ AiCart, the prototype of which was unveiled in 2023 and FDA clearance is in progress. Designed to assist medical response teams (paramedics, hospitals, fire departments, and other first responders) during emergencies, specifically cardiac arrests, this innovative technology uses AI to provide guidance through resuscitation procedures, potentially reducing human error and fatalities, and improving patient outcomes. Acting as a decision support tool, AiCart provides medical professionals with the information and protocols needed in order to deliver the best possible care when emergencies occur. To make this happen, it collects data from various sources during a resuscitation attempt, including patient vitals, medication administration, and CPR effectiveness. Machine learning algorithms then have the capability to analyse this data and identify any patterns and trends. Over time, the machine learning models can become capable of associating specific patient data with optimal resuscitation protocols. This means AiCart will be able to recommend the most effective course of action for each unique patient situation. Machine learning is known for its ability to adapt and improve with new data, so this means that as AiCart encounters more and more real-world scenarios, its algorithms will be continuously learning and sharpening its recommendations to enable even better patient outcomes. Machine learning is capable of predictive analytics, too; by analysing historical data and real-time patient information, AiCart can predict potential complications during CPR, allowing medical personnel to take preventative measures. Through its AI-powered medical devices, PathFree is aiming to revolutionise life-saving care and empower medical teams during urgent situations. At the foundation of this are five core values of ‘Patient-First Innovation’, ‘Continuous Progress’, ‘Collaborative Impact’, ‘Efficient Compassion’, and ‘Fostering Brilliance’. Patient-First Innovation – Focused on developing healthcare solutions that prioritise patient needs, the team’s goal is to improve health outcomes and to provide patients with the information they need in order to make informed decisions about their care. Continuous Progress – The team remain dedicated to pushing the limits of medical technology, always searching for new ways to advance and redefine what’s possible and aiming for constant advancement. In the healthcare sector, Artificial Intelligence (AI) continues to prove itself a true gamechanger, whether used to organise patient data or in the form of robots to assist in surgery. PathFree Technologies Corporation (PathFree) is an American manufacturing company leveraging the power of AI to improve healthcare, particularly that required in critical situations. We learn more about this company and its CEO and CoFounder, Perry Brunette in light of a double win in the Business Excellence Awards 2024. H PathFree Technologies Corporation

PathFree Technologies Corporation Collaborative Impact – PathFree believes that by combining AI expertise with the insights of medical professionals, this can lead to extraordinary breakthroughs. Collaboration is the key to transforming healthcare and creating the best possible outcome for patients. Efficient Compassion – The aim is to make healthcare processes more efficient – without losing sight of empathy. Every interaction is approached with care and understanding, ensuring that each patient feels supported and cared for. Fostering Brilliance – PathFree continues to foster an environment that attracts and supports the brightest minds in solving healthcare’s biggest challenges. It values dynamic thinking and inclusivity, while encouraging the team to drive meaningful change. Ultimately, the PathFree team’s commitment lies in taking healthcare to a whole new level through innovation, collaboration, and empathy. Devoted to making a difference in the lives of patients and healthcare professionals alike, its staff are the beating heart of that very mission. As such, the company’s internal culture is a dynamic, inspiring, celebratory, diverse, and intellectually curious one. It trusts its team to take ownership of their projects and make independent decisions, while also encouraging open communication where everyone feels comfortable to share their ideas and voice any concerns. It believes that diverse backgrounds and perspectives lead to better solutions, too, therefore, it actively nurtures an inclusive space where everybody feels valued and respected. Its team members are supported to break the glass ceiling, while also learning from each other, and therefore developing these life-saving technologies that make PathFree the leader it is in the medical device industry. When it comes to adding new members to the team, the company seeks individuals who are driven by the desire to make a real PathFree Technologies President and CEO Introducing the company to Kevin Harrington (Original Shark from SharkTank)

8 | Acquisition International, Business Excellence Awards 2024 difference in people’s lives through medical innovation. They must also value teamwork, thrive in a collaborative environment, and foster open communication and knowledge sharing. Additionally, they must be a lifelong learner: with the field of AI constantly evolving, each team member must value a growth mindset as well as possess a hunger for continuous learning in order to stay ahead of the curve. “At the heart of PathFree’s recent success is the AiCart, a proof-ofconcept prototype that epitomises the company’s commitment to innovation and technological excellence. This flagship device, along with the anticipation of three additional groundbreaking medical devices within the year, has played a pivotal role in propelling PathFree’s valuation from a commendable $112,000,000 to an astonishing $1,050,051,741 in just seven months. This valuation leap underscores the potential of PathFree’s technology to transform emergency medical care, earning the trust and interest of investors and strategic partners alike ” Therefore, they must be willing to tackle any obstacle that comes their way. Constantly innovating within the ever-shifting field of medical AI, this means that, as successful as the team are, it’s not to say that their work doesn’t come without its hurdles. They see challenges as exciting, always eager to face them head on and find new ways to solve the problem. Current challenges that the team are enjoying getting their teeth stuck into include data privacy and security; AI bias and explainability; integrating the technology with client medical systems; and the regulatory landscape. In terms of data privacy and security, medical data is very sensitive, thus it is highly important to ensure compliance with patient privacy when collecting and utilising data for machine learning. PathFree works hard to prioritise cybersecurity measures and adheres strictly to HIPAA regulations. Then, there is AI bias and explainability, where machine learning can inherit biases from the data they train on. PathFree actively mitigates bias through diverse data sets and explainable AI techniques to ensure its recommendations are fair and transparent to medical professionals who are utilising the technology. It is also a task to integrate PathFree’s technology seamlessly with clients’ existing medical systems, with existing hospital workflows and electronic medical records (EMR) being essential for adoption. PathFree is sure to collaborate with healthcare providers to execute a smooth integration process every time.

Alongside this, the regulatory landscape for AI-powered medical professionals is ever-changing, therefore, PathFree’s team remain up to date on regulations and ensure the product meets all relevant standards. Indeed, the team are always looking for ways to keep breaking down the barriers, and they are looking to further enhance AiCart’s capabilities by implementing advanced AI techniques such as deep learning, potentially including features such as real-time patient monitoring and predictive analytics. This is accompanied by continuously reviewing ways to make the device interoperable with various devices, enabling a more connected healthcare ecosystem. The team keep a focus on user experience (UX), too, understanding the importance of user-friendly interfaces for easy use during highpressure situations. They are constantly refining AiCart’s user interface (UI), considering user feedback and advancements in human-computer interaction (UCI) research. PathFree is also always on the lookout for new partnerships with research institutions, medical device manufacturers, and leading healthcare providers in order to accelerate innovation. By proactively addressing the challenges that come their way and staying ahead of trends, PathFree is well-positioned to continue developing pioneering AI-powered medical devices that open new doors for medical professionals to save lives. In 2023, significant developments from PathFree included, of course, the unveiling of AiCart and its FDA clearance progress, but also the company strategically expanding its product line with the announcement of the AI-powered AiMediQ AiMini and MobileER devices. This shows its commitment to addressing various needs in emergency medical care, with these advancements solidifying the company’s position in the industry as a market leader in AI-driven healthcare solutions. The AiMediQ AiMini is a compact, on-the-go solution which provides swift, effective response during medical emergencies at crowded events. This device supports the delivery of life-saving care when needed at concerts, sporting events, and other large gatherings, and it also creates peace of mind for millions of people attending these events around the world. Meanwhile, MobileER aims to fill a critical gap during mass casualty events, such as natural disasters and terrorist attacks. Engineered with advanced features, MobileER is tailored for use by civilians in emergency scenarios. This instantaneous, high-quality solution has the potential to save lives and improve emergency response by allowing non-medical professionals to deliver ACLS (Advanced Cardiovascular Life Support) care, meaning the ability to cover a large number of patients simultaneously. And it doesn’t stop there, for the PathFree team are now buzzing with anticipation with their sights set on 2024 and beyond, with plans ranging from clinical trials and refinement of AiCart to gather real-world data and perfect its capabilities, to commercialisation and market entry by obtaining FDA clearance, to continued innovation. The team is eager to see AiCart make a positive impact in hospitals and emergency response settings, and they are also looking towards further pushing the boundaries of AI in healthcare. The next step will be for the company to expand its global reach by distributing its products to Asia Pacific, India, Australia, and other regions. The team are also exploring new applications for AI, with this having the potential to include tools for remote patient monitoring and chronic disease management. PathFree is confident that 2025 will be a pivotal year as it transforms the future of emergency medical care with the power of AI. Company: PathFree Technologies Corporation Contact: Perry M. Brunette Email: Website:

10 | Acquisition International, Business Excellence Awards 2024 t The Original Wishing Tree, each individual Wishing Tree is intentionally created for life’s monumental moments, with beautifully decorated clips and cards designed for each occasion. Throughout history, people have gathered under Wishing Trees to tie their wishes and offerings to its branches. It is believed that the universe will hear and breathe life into these wishes. From heartfelt thank you-s and messages of sympathy to celebrations of new life and anniversaries, The Original Wishing Tree offers emotionally charged gifts to honour the moments that matter. Kate O’Mara, Founder of The Original Wishing Tree, says, “We offer a unique gifting experience to those who are looking for a more heartfelt, sentimental, and thoughtful option. The rush of modern life has seen gifting become less heartfelt and more obligatory. Too often we find ourselves grabbing the first thing on the shelf that ticks the box. We want to make boring, uninspired gifts a thing of the past. So, in the spirit of gifting with more intention, we created The Original Wishing Tree. A beautiful gift to celebrate, commiserate and commemorate all of life’s important moments.” For customers seeking a gorgeous gift that will be treasured for years to come, a Wishing Tree is guaranteed to make every occasion a memorable one. The Original Wishing Tree aims to recreate the symbolic rituals and ancient practices of attaching heartfelt wishes and desires to the Wishing Tree. By engaging in this practice, individuals are calling on the universe to answer their call and deliver them fresh hope for the future. Dating back as far as the 1700s, Wishing Trees have been recorded in places unconnected by land, language, and culture, sharing a belief that these remarkable trees can bestow wishes on the bearer. Although the rituals vary between cultures, they share a commonality of hope and community connecting them all. The Original Wishing Tree offers everything from 6-12ft Wishing Trees for organisations to individual gift size for special occasions. Each tree comes with a complete kit including cards, decorated clips, pouches for gifts or money, a USB charging cord, and a pen to write special messages. In just four simple steps, Shape, Write, Attach, and Gift, customers can set up their own exquisite Wishing Tree. Set up begins by gently Spanning across many cultures (Noted in cultures spread across the globe), Wishing Trees would have been used for centuries as a symbol of hope with its branches yielding people’s deepest desires and heartfelt wishes. The Original Wishing Tree offers a unique gifting experience with each bespoke Wishing Tree specially chosen to reconnect the recipient with what matters most in life. The company strives to make uninspired gifts a thing of the past, providing a thoughtful gift alternative for life’s biggest moments. A Most Unique Holistic Gift 2024 (APAC): The Original Wishing Tree

inserting the tree into the base and shaping the tree by bending its branches to create the customer’s ideal shape. Next, it is time to write heartfelt messages onto the blank cards provided to share your well wishes and hopes for the future. After writing, customers should attach their cards to the Wishing Tree with the decorated clips. Additionally, there is the option to add gift cards and cash in the two organza pouches provided. Now, the Wishing Tree is fully ready to gift with the USB charging cord able to be easily stored in the base packaging. Symone Bentley, one of many satisfied customers, says, “I ordered a Wishing Tree for a friend’s baby shower, which was absolutely amazing. It was a huge hit with everyone, especially the mum to be. Not everyone knows what to give so the tree was just perfect. Beautiful packaging and presentation, along with quick delivery. Thank you!” The Original Wishing Tree attracts customers who are emotionally intelligent and DEEPLY connected to their loved ones. The team leverage creativity and innovation to create beautiful trees that have a meaningful and lasting impact on people’s lives. The Original Wishing Tree has fostered a supportive culture where employees are encouraged to share ideas and contribute to the company’s operations. During peak times, the business adds to its team, seeking individuals who align with its values of collaboration, quality, and attention to detail. Kata O’Mara shares, “The challenges we face are not specific to our industry but are being felt by the retail sector across the board, rising cost of goods and shipping costs are putting the squeeze on retailers like us, just like it is adding pressure to households who are cutting back on discretionary spending. The economic pressures are being felt by everyone.” Most Unique Holistic Gift 2024 (APAC): The Original Wishing Tree Most recently, The Original Wishing Tree has begun to offer large (6-12ft) Wishing Trees as a fundraising activation for charities and community organisations who are looking for a unique and memorable addition to their fundraising events. In 2024, The Richard Nixon Foundation approached the company to create an 8ft Wishing Tree for its Nixon National Cancer Conference. The charity selected the orange Maple Tree and The Original Wishing Tree team designed 33 styles and colours of Cancer Awareness ribbon cards for attendees to attach to its branches. The event was a massive success with the striking Wishing Tree generating much conversation and engagement from attendees. The team were honoured to contribute to the event and look forward to supporting more organisations and charities in the future. The Original Wishing Tree prides itself on offering an imaginative gifting experience that brings light and joy to the lives of recipients. With its rich history, a Wishing Tree is a symbol of hope and connection to what matters most. From celebrations to sympathies, each specially chosen tree is a thoughtful gift perfectly suited for every occasion. In the spirit of gifting with intention, The Original Wishing Tree creates beautiful gifts designed to celebrate and memorialise life’s important moments. For its meaningful offerings, we have honoured The Original Wishing Tree with this year’s award for Most Unique Holistic Gift 2024 (APAC). Contact: Kate O’Mara Company: The Original Wishing Tree Web Address:

12 | Acquisition International, Business Excellence Awards 2024 Best Vape Products eTailer 2024 - USA here is no denying that the past few years have seen the vaping market explode in terms of popularity, with countless people across the globe making the switch from cigarettes to vape products, which are widely considered to be a much safer alternative due to them not containing many of the harmful elements found in tobacco smoke. This sudden influx can be attributed to a number of factors alongside just health reasons, with these products often being cheaper than buying cigarettes, coming in a variety of different forms and flavours, and becoming increasingly popular amongst the older generation. However, such exponential growth has resulted in this space having become somewhat of a hot topic for political debate in recent years, with misinformation rife surrounding these products. As Adam tells us, Big Tobacco, a term used to describe the largest companies in the tobacco industry, “continuously spread misinformation about vaping in the United States, so we have to educate clients who are sceptical of quitting smoking for a healthier alternative.” Besides just this, companies like Big D Vapor also have to ensure that they keep on top of all of the legal compliance that exists regarding the industry on both a state and national level. Operating in this sector then comes with a number of difficulties, and this is not to mention the difficulty that businesses have in trying to distinguish themselves from other like-minded enterprises in this sphere. By leveraging a team of friendly native Texans, a vast product portfolio, and the limitless power that comes with thousands of excellent reviews, Big D Vapor is overcoming such difficulties with an unmistakable sense of finesse. Boasting some of the fastest shipping times this industry has ever seen, all with strict compliance with local and federal shipping laws (age verification at the time of purchase and the need for the signature of an adult who is 21 or over upon delivery), Big D Vapor’s unwavering commitment to ethics makes it a beacon of trust in an environment where this is not always the case. Adam specifically names VP of Operations Britini Love as being instrumental in the business’ achieving of this, calling her, “critical to our infrastructure.” Passionate about stocking only the best vaping products in North America, there are thousands of products available on the company’s retail website in the areas of disposables, e-liquids, devices, and coils/ parts, each of which are entirely authentic as a result of the business’ verified status. Every item sold is also subject to a 100% issuefree order promise, with a secure checkout experience provided that is as swift as it is safe. Thus, Big D Vapor’s holistic approach to catering effectively to the diverse needs of its customers and offering of user-friendly end-to-end site navigation stand as yet more defining factors in its success. Offering free shipping across the country on purchases over more than $100, and shipping to international countries for one flat fee, Big D Vapor is further distinguished through its commitment to providing real human customer support through both its toll-free phone number and replying to emails promptly throughout the day. Wherever in the world a customer is and whatever it is that they need, the team here strive to help as quickly and effectively as possible, making this online retailer a onestop-shop solution. Underpinning this approach is an acute knowledge and understanding of the wider sector. For example, disposable vapes are incredibly popular right now, and as such, stand as one of this business’ premier offerings. Big D Vapor is proud to stock such industryleading brands as Lost Mary, Geek Bar, V-Play, RAZ, and more. In fact, Adam believes that the business has the largest variety of disposables around, and its uniquity is cemented by its offering of a full warranty on all vapes of this sort, a rarity in this trade. New products are being introduced to this site constantly, many of which are slowly pushing the boundaries of the technology available in these devices. Some even feature such quirky additions as a full LED screen, such as the Geek Bar Pulse, or a built-in gaming system, like the one that can be found in the Craftbox V-Play. What this ultimately shows is that Big D Vapor is the sort of business that looks towards the future, maximising the impact that it has on the wider industry to drive growth in the sector whilst serving the needs of its customers. “You always have our support no matter how long it’s been since your last purchase. Our company philosophy is to exceed your expectations, every time! ” Aside from just its excellent range of products, speedy shipping, and dedication to customer service and support, Big D Vapor goes above and beyond for those interested in this market in other ways too. Its online blog (found here) serves as the curation of all of the news, developments, and insights anybody who is a fan of this space could ever need to stay up to date. With articles written by its own team and the sharing of others from experts across the field, staying current in an industry that is subject to constant changes in legislation and regulation has never been more straightforward. In a market full of unknowns, Big D Vapor serves as a much welcome constant. A trusted provider of everything from disposable vapes to e-cigarettes, rechargeable vapes, and all relevant accessories, the business has undergone rapid expansion over the past number of years and is today recognised as a trailblazer in the sector. As Adam tells us, “our highlight of 2024 was order #90,000 and we are looking forward to order #100,000 in 2024.” This is a remarkable feat that is always more than worthy of celebration, regardless of the industry. On the back of this sustained success, it is our pleasure to name Big D Vapor as the Best For more than a decade, Big D Vapor has been the premier online vaping products retailer in the USA, boasting thousands of five-star reviews across many of the biggest review websites in the game. From its home base in Dallas, Texas, this all-American, family-owned business is dedicated to providing thousands of the best products at a price far below that of the market norm, a service complemented perfectly by outstanding customer service, fast shipping, and an unrivalled knowledge of the ins and outs of this arguably overburdened sector. We speak with Founder Adam Winfrey for more. T

Vape Products eTailer 2024 – USA, and wish the company nothing but the very best of luck as it continues to effortlessly traverse this dynamic landscape of which it exists at the very forefront. Contact: Adam Winfrey Company: Big D Vapor Web Address: Best Vape Products eTailer 2024 - USA

14 | Acquisition International, Business Excellence Awards 2024 With expansive plans to develop the infrastructure of Saudi Arabia in line with the Vision 2030 development project, the country’s construction sector has seen significant development. Building Concept is a Saudi Arabian company that dedicates itself to providing high quality trading services across the capital city of Riyadh. As the company wins its title in the Business Excellence Awards 2024, we take a closer look at Building Concept and its position within the ever-evolving sector. Most Trusted Cladding Company of the Year 2024 – Saudi Arabia aunched in 2014, Building Concept is a trading company located in Riyadh, sitting right in the heart of Saudi Arabia. The company specialises in providing high quality trading services to the community of Riyadh. The company serves a wide range of clients and prides itself on recognising each individual’s request and accommodating for it. Building Concept provides tailored solutions after working alongside the client to better understand their needs. Through prioritising the client and their needs, Building Concept can guarantee an excellent experience every time. A people-centric approach is what sets Building Concept apart from its competitors. In addition to prioritising its customers, the company ensures that employees are made to feel valued and respected within the workplace. The business encourages continuous improvement by investing in its employees, giving them the opportunity and space to grow and develop as their career progresses. This approach fosters an environment in which employees feel empowered to perform at their best. The internal culture at Building Concept emulates this people-centric approach to foster a sense of trust amongst the employees. The company holds core values of integrity, innovation, teamwork, and customer focus. These values guide the decision-making process at Building Concept, and entwine with each other to drive innovation, encourage employee engagement, and build trust between the company and its growing clientele base. The Saudi Arabian construction sector has seen a significant increase over the recent years as the country has undertaken developments on a large scale. Financial experts have noted an economic rebound since the obstructions of the pandemic, as individuals are gaining the confidence to spend money again. Alongside this rebirth of the economy, the country is experiencing a rising population that calls for an increase in housing options. In fact, innovation and expansion are such celebrated concepts in Saudi Arabia, that the country hosts annual events called the Saudi Infrastructure Expo and the Saudi Infrastructure Summit at the Riyadh International Convention & Exhibition Centre. The exposition covers the full spectrum of infrastructure and sees over 17,000 professional attendees and over 350 exhibitors, both local and international. The summit brings together stakeholders from sectors across the country and presents innovative discussions on navigating the complex infrastructure of Saudi Arabia that is constantly evolving as developments progress. The two events are ways for businesses across the country to collaborate and explore development strategies in the wake of Vision 2030’s launch. Pioneering the incredible developments is Vision 2030, a long-term socio-economic development plan that looks to increase the sustainable growth and economic diversification across Saudi Arabia. Launched in 2016, the project aims to revive Saudi Arabia’s thriving economy and expand upon its impressive infrastructure even further. The plan is slated to be complete by 2030. Vision 2030 was implemented under the directive of the Custodian of the Two Holy Mosques, King Salman bin Abdulaziz AsSaud with the mission to build a thriving country in which citizens are given ample opportunities. The plan consists of a multitude of development giga-projects across the country that will improve the public sector, economy, and Saudi Arabian society as a whole. Key giga-projects that make up Vision 2030 include decreasing the country’s oil dependence, the development of the King Salman Energy Park, and the Green Riyadh project. All developing projects will contribute to Saudi Arabia’s environment, tourism statistics, and the economical sustainability of its people. Launched in 2019, Green Riyadh is a development plan under Vision 2030 that seeks to transform Saudi Arabia’s capital city into a verdant haven that will see both an improvement to the liveability of the city and added protection to the surrounding environment. Through planting trees across the neighbourhoods, the city hopes to improve its air quality and decrease power consumption with the goal of establishing 7.5million trees by 2030. The implementation of Green Riyadh hopes to improve the general wellbeing of its residents and generate more labour and income for the surrounding businesses. The latest developments in Saudi Arabia’s infrastructure guarantees additional work for the construction sector, and improvements to the economy in turn. Local businesses will see an increase in trade from the tourism stemming from the new projects as well as being given the opportunity to play a part in transforming their country for the better. These changes will see huge advancements in the industry on a technical, social, and economic level that will greatly benefit local businesses. As leaders in the trading industry, Building Concept recognises that it must remain ahead of the latest technological advancements. The company forms strategic partnerships and uses data to make strategic decisions to maintain its position in the market. The ability to adapt quickly is paramount in this sector, especially when in consideration of the increasing developments across the country. Building Concept have demonstrated this ability through its exceptional services whilst navigating the challenges of the industry. In the construction sector, it is common to face technological disruptions, changes to regulations, or issues with supply chains. Through strategic decision making and the cultivation of a hardworking, client-focused team, Building Concept has transformed each obstacle posed into a window of new opportunity for the company. 2024 looks to be a big year for Building Concept and the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia in its entirety. Between greenifying the country, developing the 14 giga-projects, and revitalising the economy, there promises to be big changes taking place across the nation. We eagerly anticipate the role that L

Most Trusted Cladding Company of the Year 2024 – Saudi Arabia Building Concept will play in the exciting developments of its home city Riyadh and its plans for any future developments. Contact: Saleh Al Muheimeed Company: Building Concept Trading Company Web Address:

16 | Acquisition International, Business Excellence Awards 2024 Soft Play Centre of the Year 2024 - Essex Anton and Emma began on the journey of revitalising a rundown children’s play centre back in 2014. Little did they know the adventure that awaited them. Little Monsters House of Fun, located in Great Dunmow, Essex, has since evolved into a beacon of cleanliness, professionalism, and, above all, fun. Let’s delve into their story as the Little Monster Team are recognised for their exceptional efforts. Little Monsters House of Fun offers an exhilarating experience for children of all ages. Their indoor play area boasts an array of activities including slides, ball pools, crawl tubes, rope nets, and bridges, catering to even the most energetic of children. But that’s just the beginning. There’s a designated soft play area where parents, babies, and toddlers can interact in a safe environment just for the littlest monsters. Additionally, there is an outdoor play area with spacious sandpits which ensures endless fun during the summer months. The Little Monsters Café completes the experience with a selection of coffees and freshly prepared food and drinks. Little Monsters also have their very own baby and toddler Mini Monsters classes led by the acclaimed children’s educator, Helen Aldridge. These classes focus on learning through play, offering various experiences for children under 5. From sensory exploration to rhyme time and bright minds sessions, children are encouraged to learn and grow in a fun-filled environment. On top of all this, Little Monsters pride themselves on hosting the best children parties. Their unique party hosting style has earned them a stellar reputation. It is their aim to make each party a magical experience for the children and completely hassle free for the parents. With multimedia party rooms that can accommodate up to 40 guests, and themed party packages including special appearances from superheroes, princesses, and even cuddly monsters. Post-pandemic, Little Monsters implemented several changes, including reducing the number of tables and introducing set play sessions to facilitate thorough cleaning between sessions. The also introduced a digital booking platform streamlined customer experience, allowing online reservations for classes, sessions, and food orders. Central to their success are the dedicated staff who share the company’s values. Little Monsters fosters a family-like environment, encouraging staff growth and development. Feedback and ideas are welcomed, ensuring a vibrant and dynamic workplace. For families seeking a stress-free soft play experience, Little Monsters House of Fun is the ideal destination. Whether it’s for a funfilled day out or a memorable party, Little Monsters promises an experience that will leave children and adults alike with cherished memories. For its exceptional customer experiences, we have bestowed our award for Soft Play Centre of the Year – Essex on Little Monsters House of Fun. Contact: Anton James Company: Little Monsters House Of Fun Web Address:

Business Excellence Awards 2024, Acquisition International | 17 Excellence Award for Australian Visa Services 2024 imon Mander is an esteemed professional in the realms of migration and education consultancy, recruitment, and Chinese market solutions. His professional journey began 30 years ago when he travelled, studied, and worked in Asia. These experiences have enabled Simon to build an extensive network, particularly in Asian recruitment, which allows him to source highly skilled candidates for Australian employers and international staffing solutions. Simon Mander Consulting P/L assists individuals seeking to migrate or travel to Australia, as well as supporting employers with their recruitment needs, visa advice, and other visa-related services. The business draws from a huge database of skilled workers to supply employees for substantial projects while also meeting the needs of smaller employers. With an illustrious background in visa applications, Simon Mander and his team have become renowned for the delivery of successful migration and recruitment outcomes. Owner Simon Mander says, “I exercise all due diligence and professionalism in an initial consideration of a matter and towards the desired outcome. From there, my frankness and ethics mean that I probably turn away more prospective clients than I accept, as unfortunately Australian visa requirements are usually stringent. If there is a risk in a matter, I will explain this clearly. It is the sum of my 21 years’ experience, my ethics and professional consideration of a client’s needs that lead to success. In an industry where agents and lawyers come and go, my history and record of success speaks volumes.” With his experience and deep understanding of the Chinese market, Simon Mander can assist Australian businesses in various capacities. He has previously facilitated the creation and review of contracts, delivered strategic advice, and organised the supply of millions of dollars’ of imported and exported materials to and from the mainland. Simon Mander Consulting P/L is dedicated to fostering strong client relationships and building valuable business connections to help individual and corporate clients easily navigate the migration and recruitment industries. One challenge within these industries is the cost for employers involved in employer sponsorship, which is a disincentive for companies to sponsor overseas workers and fulfil business needs which would ultimately benefit the overall Australian economy. Currently, acquiring General Skilled Migration Visas is a lengthy process that requires collaborating with state and federal governments. As trends in Australian migration evolve to improve employer sponsored programs, Simon Mander Consulting P/L is uniquely positioned to provide a suite of cost-effective recruitment solutions and deliver positive results for the Australian economy. Simon Mander shares, “My staff play an important role in the success of the business and client outcomes. My business is a ship that cannot operate solely with a captain. It needs a team on board, and a team that works together, and this is what we have at Simon Mander Consulting P/L. I am lucky to have the staff that I have. They are an asset. With a multicultural workforce, our company culture is strong. We acknowledge and celebrate our differences and for those of us based in Australia, we respect the lands of the First Nations people (past, present and future) where we live and work.” Amidst the many projects completed in 2023, the business’s highlight was the reunion of an Afghan refugee family, a wife and five children, with their father who received permanent Australian residence after arriving as a refugee by boat. The family’s visas took six years to process but despite this, Simon is proud to have finally achieved a positive result for the family. Over the coming year, sourcing skilled workers for Australia is still a priority with several upcoming infrastructure and defence projects in Adelaide, South Australia. Simon Mander Consulting P/L is enthusiastic about contributing to these exciting projects through the recruitment and visa facilitation of skilled workers. With substantial legal expertise in the fields of migration and recruitment, Simon Mander and his team strive to optimise clients’ Australian visa chances and help businesses meet their staffing needs with international recruitment. Using Simon’s extensive network of oversea clients and drawing from a large database of skilled workers, the business provides bespoke services designed to help clients achieve their unique goals. For its skilled consulting solutions, we have bestowed on Simon Mander Consulting P/L this year’s Excellence Award for Australian Visa Services. Contact: Simon Mander Company: Simon Mander Consulting P/L Web Address: Simon Mander has worked as a Registered Migration Agent for over 21 years, utilising his expertise in immigration to Australia to assist clients with visa applications. Simon is also a Licensed Employment Agent who can facilitate employers’ recruitment requirements and visa outcomes. With years of experience and a passion for exceptional service, Simon Mander Consulting P/L offers skilled solutions to help clients achieve successful outcomes. S

Aug22499 18 | Acquisition International, Business Excellence Awards 2024 Mar24170 Most Trusted Managed IT Support Business 2024 - East Anglia riding itself on its status as a premier managed security service provider, Uptech Ltd is an award-wining team that’s guided by its values to ensure it brings comfort to each of its clients. Not only is it determined to deliver cybersecurity solutions and IT services to SMEs across the region, but it is guided by its commitment to doing so while providing added value wherever possible. This typically manifests through Uptech Ltd’s pursuit of repeatedly exceeding expectations – a pursuit that’s made possible through the company’s overarching passion for innovation, anticipation, and enhancing the cybersecurity sphere. In order to deliver such services, Uptech Ltd prioritises the needs of its clients above all else. In fact, it believes this to be its beating heart – the very lifeblood that encourages it to do more for the market on a daily basis. As opposed to bringing a generalised approach to cybersecurity, Uptech Ltd instead goes out of its way to understand the unique challenges facing its varied clientele, while simultaneously analysing their objectives. Once this information has been accumulated, the team looks into delivering maximum value and impact. It’s this very trait for which Uptech Ltd is known, with its dedication often creating long-term bonds that are built on trust and mutual respect. This is further empowered by Uptech Ltd’s approachable demeanour. As with the industry itself, approaching a cybersecurity provider can be a daunting task that may deter even the largest of companies. Thankfully, Uptech Ltd promises to be a friendly face in such a dynamic industry, with its team leveraging its empathetic nature and responsive communication skills to reassure clients that all questions are valid ones. In short, Uptech Ltd actively wants to engage with people, and refuses to bind itself to a client-team relationship. Instead, it acts as more of a companion – one that understands a business’s struggles, and holds a genuine desire to help. As expressed by Jason Carlton, MD at Uptech – “These core values are not just words on paper; they are the guiding principles that shape our culture, inform our decisions, and drive our success as a leading MSSP. By staying true to these values, we remain steadfast in our commitment to safeguarding our clients’ digital assets and empowering their growth in an increasingly digitised world.” It’s clear that, through mutual empowerment and a love for making a real difference in such a versatile industry, Uptech Ltd has created something truly special, with its services consistently receiving the tender care they need in order to grant clients access to the solutions and protection they deserve. When one’s digital assets come under attack, it can completely grind business operations to a halt. From a loss of revenue, to causing a break in trust between companies and their customers, cyber breaches pose more of a threat than ever before. It’s for this very reason that Uptech Ltd, imbued with its selfless values, has set its focus on tirelessly forging cybersecurity measures that guarantee the utmost protection, regardless of circumstance. In doing so, Uptech Ltd has formed invaluable partnerships with various clients across the region, with its services ultimately ensuring that businesses owners can focus on what they’re good at, while it takes care of the rest. We look forward to seeing how Uptech Ltd’s immense capabilities further empower the cybersecurity sphere as we progress further into 2024. Contact: James Fowler Company: Uptech Ltd Web Address: Specialising in the provision of cybersecurity solutions and IT services that aim to safeguard the digital assets of small and medium-sized businesses, Uptech Ltd is a multi-award-winning business who should need no introduction. Already widely recognised by SMEs across East Anglia, the Team capably delivers peace of mind to its clients, while simultaneously implementing methods of cyber protection. In doing so, Uptech Ltd has cultivated a dependable response to evolution, all keeping its clients’ assets shielded within the everchanging cyberspace. P