Business Excellence Awards 2024

40 | Acquisition International, Business Excellence Awards 2024 Best Business Form Developer 2024 - Australia Delivering intelligent digital forms inside of Microsoft Teams, Team Forms materialised on the back of considerable consulting with numerous sizeable organisations on the possibility of leveraging lowcode tools to digitise business processes. After recognising that there was a considerable gap in the market’s current offerings, with solutions either being too complex or lacking in flexibility, the visionaries behind Team Forms set about addressing the issue. The rest, as they say, is history. We speak with Anthony Phan to find out more. Contact: Anthony Phan Company: Team Forms Web Address: Team Forms’ industry-leading app empowers its clients to both build and then deliver forms that utilise Microsoft’s suite of productivity tools, software that they are already wellversed in and can trust. One particularly distinguishing feature of Team Forms’ technology is that it interacts seamlessly with one’s existing Teams SharePoint, with all of the data captured remaining in the ownership of the individual so that they never have to leave their familiar surroundings of the Microsoft 365 environment. The success of this platform can clearly be seen in the more than 4500 companies that already use it, a user base that spans more than 150 countries around the globe. As Anthony tells us, “our platform caters to a diverse range of clients, from medium-sized enterprises to large corporations”, many of which are attracted to it as a result of its pronounced focus on security. In a world where cyber threats and data leaks are everywhere, the ability to protect one’s own data without outsourcing to a third party affords a peace of mind that a price cannot be put on, and Team Forms does just that. Beyond this, Team Forms is aided further by its unique ability to craft highly intelligent and detailed forms that can be integrated with ease, all from an offline-first platform that will work in any location and environment, be it in one’s home office or an isolated location where internet connectivity is incredibly scarce. This only scratches the surface of the excellence inherent in the Team Forms platform, with other significant features including its ability to automate, meet compliance, and monitor, all without having to using any code. Clearly then, Team Forms is a trailblazer in this space and has implemented a premier solution that can be used across all elements of industry, with businesses across the map using Microsoft Teams in the wake of the significant shifts to both remote and hybrid working that have taken place since the coronavirus pandemic. At the very heart of the company being able to achieve this feat has been its staff, a motivated and dedicated team who prioritise constant learning and the attaining of customer satisfaction at every turn. With the skills of such a team in tow, an internal culture has been crafted that focuses on continuous improvement, where, Anthony explains, “small daily advancements lead to significant long-term gains for our customers.” A strict adherence to a positive culture such as this results in innovation, collaboration, and an overarching sense of excellence, a trio of elements that ensure this firm can deliver sustainable, cutting-edge, and value-driven solutions to clients everywhere. As an example of this commitment to innovation, Team Forms has spent the last several years masterfully striking the balance between fortifying the security of its current offerings whilst also consistently delivering on the flexibility its clients require from a platform of this nature. Anthnony puts it best, stating, “our platform empowers customers to build highly intelligent and complex forms without compromise. By providing this level of flexibility, we enable our clients to focus on tackling their business challenges rather than grappling with their tools.” On the back of such consistency, Team Forms has experienced yet another year of growth and the widespread adoption of its services, something that Anthony believes to be the standout achievement of the business’ journey so far. He reflects, “from initially serving a niche market focused on security-conscious customers who valued data ownership, we’ve transitioned to become a vital tool for thousands of businesses worldwide, supporting critical operations while still maintaining our security and data ownership model.” Customers are quick to give their feedback on Team Forms’ product, and they frequently highlight both their appreciation of it and underline the significant time and cost savings that it has brought to their businesses. As a result of this, anybody requiring forms in Microsoft Teams for their business needs would be hard-pressed to find a better solution than that provided by Team Forms, the company that we are proud to name as the Best Business Form Developer 2024 – Australia.