Business Excellence Awards 2024

Business Excellence Awards 2024, Acquisition International | 39 coronary artery dissection SCAD survivor, an event that truly underpinned the importance of striving for holistic health and balance in her own life, not just those of her clients. With this newfound knowledge in tow, Gabriella now has definitive proof that self-care is paramount for long-lasting health and success, something she is keen to share with her varied client base that ranges from entrepreneurs to sportspersons and everyone in between. “The body keeps score, and the power of rewiring the subconscious mind can truly change lives. ” The aforementioned launching of Bragée Osteopati’s online platform is slated for some time this year, and this will double down on this commitment to health, self-care, and tailored support in equal measure. Commenting on this, Gabriella tells us, “this expansion has been a significant highlight, aligning with my mission to make holistic healthcare accessible to all and help entrepreneurs improve their self-care for longlasting success.” Ultimately, through these holistic business coaching services and the education, guidance, and personalised support comprising them, everyone is encouraged to live a more fulfilling life. Things do not end there, as in ongoing pursuit of achieving this mission, Gabriella explains, “looking ahead to the rest of 2024 and beyond, I’m excited to enhance our online offerings further, expand our reach, and continue positively impacting the health and wellbeing of our clients globally.” This further underpins Gabriella’s famed approach to catering to the needs of the whole person, as opposed to simply seeking to isolate and treat one specific symptom, condition, or mindset like so many of her contemporaries. In short, this osteopathic clinic is a textbook example of exemplary holistic care, and anyone in search of excellence in this field need look no further. With all of these factors to boot, Bragée Osteopati is indeed a worthy winner of this award, and we wish it, and Gabriella, the best of luck for the future. Contact: Gabriella Bragée Company: Bragée Osteopati Web Address: Holistic Clinic of the Year 2024 - Sweden Nurturing lasting relationships and delivering the gold standard for service and care, Bragée Osteopati offers diverse, tailored solutions that cater expertly to individual needs concerning the physical, emotional, and nutritional elements of health. As Gabriella explains, “what sets us apart from competitors is our commitment to holistic care that goes beyond symptom management to address the root causes of health issues or mindset struggles.” This is achieved through the leveraging of multiple disciplines and the implementation of cutting-edge research and techniques, resulting in scores of satisfied clients. As a solopreneur, this duty currently rests exclusively on Gabriella’s shoulders. Although she plans on expanding with a team in the near future, for now, she alone is responsible for nursing people back to health, largely using the power they have inside themselves. For Gabriella, “clients will always be number one”, and it is with this in mind that she advocates for the needs of the person as a whole. With a background in professional sports, especially equestrian sports, Gabriella’s knowledge is grounded in science, and her keenness to anchor this holistic health clinic in proven, relevant research leads to a noticeable difference. On the back of this, one of the key difficulties that Gabriella faces is keeping up with the rapidly evolving advancements present across this industry, and then finding new, innovative ways to infuse them within her current holistic care solutions. In pursuit of the best possible approach for the overall wellness of her clients, Gabriella has recently set about bringing services of this calibre to the online sphere, embracing technological innovation in order to expand the presence of her brand and reach those in search of the ultimate wellness experience, wherever in the world they may be. Shifting gears slightly, last year saw Gabriella come out as a spontaneous Gabriella Bragée operates the namesake Bragée Osteopati, an award-winning osteopathic clinic located in the Swedish municipality of Hässleholm. Adopting a holistic approach to health, this clinic specialises in the likes of breathwork and coaching, as well as both sports and functional medicine. Since opening in 2018, Bragée Osteopati has provided a comprehensive, personalised care approach, leveraging the values of trust, compassion, and innovation to empower leaders, entrepreneurs, and other such individuals. We have the pleasure of catching up with Gabriella for more. Bragée Osteopati