Business Excellence Awards 2024

Aug22499 38 | Acquisition International, Business Excellence Awards 2024 Every activity accredited by The CPD Group undergoes a thorough assessment by its Accreditation and Compliance team to ensure it meets CPD standards. Its A.C.C.R.E.D.I.T.E.D Framework stands for Accessibility, Content, Creative, Relevant, Eligibility, Details, Intellectual property, Tested, Expertise, and Duration. The team recognises the importance of activities being accessible and creative in order to ensure content is easily understandable and engaging for learners. CPD content must be relevant to the subject and might include prerequisites to ensure that students meet the eligibility criteria. Additionally, The CPD Group takes time to examine the details and check that all content is legitimately produced, accurate, and designed to test a learner’s competency. Lastly, the team will assign a number of CPD credits to an activity to help employers monitor their CPD targets and provide individuals with a clear way of recording their ongoing development. At The CPD Group, the company strives to put the wellbeing of its staff at the forefront of its decision-making. By adopting a fourday working week, the team benefit from a good work-life balance that has resulted in increased productivity and more engaged staff. When recruiting for new members, The CPD Group seeks individuals that are not only highly skilled but also align with the company’s values and overall mission. As the UK’s leading CPD Accreditation organisation, The CPD Group helps its clients understand the need for, and requirements for, gaining CPD accreditation. The company offers essential advice and guidance on all aspects of CPD through a range of channels including its YouTube channel, CPD-TV, website, newsletter, and informative blog. The CPD Group is dedicated to not only ensuring its Approved Providers’ content is consistently excellent, but also fighting for standards to be raised across the industry. Its prestigious logo signifies exceptional quality and unrivalled CPD standards. When consumers see the logo, they can be assured that every CPD activity is rigorously scrutinised and undergoes a meticulous review process. The CPD Group offers a streamlined service to guide clients through their accreditation process and help them achieve credibility. Looking to the future, the business is committed to raising standards within the industry and for its high-quality standards, The CPD Group has received this year’s award for Most Trusted CPD Accreditation Service Company – UK. Contact Details Contact: Andy Donnachie Company: The CPD Group Ltd. Web Address: Apr24270 Most Trusted CPD Accreditation Service Company 2024 - UK stablished in 2017, The CPD Group caters to any organisation or individual who delivers Continuing Professional Development activities to its clients or staff. CPD refers to any activity that encourages participants to acquire new knowledge and/or skills to help them progress in their chosen career. The CPD Group accredits CPD providers, trainers, activities, employers, events, and more to ensure that their CPD is accessible, robust, and transparent. The company prides itself on offering a simple, effective service to verify clients’ learning experiences are of the highest quality for the end user. The CPD Group rejects the Blanket Accreditation methodology employed by many of its competitors and reviews every CPD activity individually. Blanket Accreditation refers to accreditation that takes a small sample of a client’s offerings and applies a CPD logo to all its provisions. The CPD Group employs a globally recognised A.C.C.R.E.D.I.T.E.D Framework which enables clients to see exactly what their activities will be measured against and what criteria they must meet. With its professional services, the company strives to increase standards in the CPD industry and work closely with the independent CPD Register, an international directory of all things CPD, to provide transparency to all CPD consumers. Andy Donnachie, COO at The CPD Group, shares, “The CPD industry has its fair share of challenges. The main one being that, as an unregulated sector, companies can set themselves up as CPD Accreditation organisations without being vetted. This opens the door to people with a very different, ethical agenda to that of The CPD Group. “The CPD Group are focused on ensuring that anyone looking for CPD Accreditation has the information they need to make an informed decision as to who to use for their accreditation requirements. We continue to conduct research into a variety of sectors to ensure that our A.C.C.R.E.D.I.T.E.D Framework is fully up to date and fit for purpose for the industries we serve.” The CPD Group provides a professional CPD accreditation service to help companies increase their credibility and verify their expertise. Leveraging the expertise of academics, industry bodies, awarding organisations, and employers, the company is dedicated to sharing knowledge in the world of CPD. Recognised in this year’s Business Excellence Awards, The CPD Group is committed to raising CPD standards in the industry and promoting CPD provisions around the world. E