Business Excellence Awards 2024

Business Excellence Awards 2024, Acquisition International | 41 Antibody Manufacturing Biotechnology Company of the Year 2024 - Europe he field of cell biology is inundated with demand for high-quality antibodies, and this was even more so the case when SICGEN was first established more than 15 years ago. Through its leveraging of pioneering technologies in this field, this R&D expert has spent more than a decade now as a leading figure in the biotech space, offering up the highest standards for the most competitive of prices. Producing antibodies of the highest quality that are reliably sourced from goats, all of SICGEN’s offerings undergo the affinity purification process, making them of a higher overall concentrate and better able to be used for antibody research. Right from day one, a chief emphasis has been placed on the customisation of these antibodies for use in a number of national and international institutions, such as universities, research facilities, pharmaceutical manufacturers, and biotech distributors across the globe, with distribution primarily taking place across North America, Europe, and countries in the Far East. As for the research itself, José tells us, “SICGEN’s polyclonal antibodies have found success in diverse life sciences research areas. Notably, antibodies against fluorescent proteins like GFP, mCherry, and tdTomato.” Such success has brought with it a great deal of acclaim, with the business having been featured in a number of leading life science research publications and journals across its journey so far. As of a couple of years ago, SICGEN’s product line was almost 300-strong, with these items fulfilling a number of different purposes in addition to just research. Perhaps most notably, however, are their biochemical applications, with these including the likes of western blotting, immunofluorescence, and immunohistochemistry, three areas of biology research this team are particularly passionate about. “Embracing cutting-edge technologies in antibody production has always been a priority for us. ” From the days when it was just starting out right through to the present, SICGEN has been there to witness this sector experience the tremendous changes that it has over the past decade. Today, the monopoly held by huge animal farms that produce large quantities of antibodies causes significant challenges, as their vast empires can quite easily outprice the likes of SICGEN. However, José and co. have an ace up their sleeve. He states, “what smaller firms, such as SICGEN, lack in price competitiveness, they can easily compensate for with enhanced flexibility and responsiveness to individual customer needs.” This positions these smaller companies in a fantastic position when it comes to traversing the industry landscape of the future, a mammoth task when one considers the ever-changing scientific and technological spheres that this sector is at the mercy of. For José, “a major challenge will be the integration of advances in in vitro technologies for antibody generation, moving away from traditional animal-based approaches.” He continues, “this shift holds the promise of greater versatility and reproducibility compared to animal immunisation, while also addressing ethical concerns.” In essence then, as José explains, “SICGEN remains dedicated to ongoing efforts in developing new antibody-related products and services for applications in both industry and research.” This is something that it is able to achieve through its utilising of a small, resilient, and dedicated team comprised of individuals who strive to uphold the highest productivity standards. By impactfully managing such areas as organisation and delivery, this team have refined their process and ultimately succeeded in providing a superior antibody manufacturing service when compared to that of their competitors. Even as the industry continues to evolve around it, SICGEN pledges to continue to develop, produce, and market its signature antibodies that successfully address numerous gaps in the increasingly popular antibody market. With plans to introduce free samples in the near future to further expand its outreach also on the horizon, SICGEN is sure to continue to make waves in the field of biotechnology and pioneer advancements for many years to come. Contact: José Ramalho Company: SICGEN Web Address: SICGEN is a specialist in the development, manufacturing, and marketing of a range of polyclonal antibodies, primarily for the purposes of furthering world-class research in the area of cell biology. Since its formation as an offshoot from the University of Lisbon by Portuguese scientist José Ramalho in 2008, this company situated in a small village in Portugal’s Coimbra district has been producing hundreds of vital antibodies a year that stem from domestic goats. We have the pleasure of speaking with José himself for more. T