Business Excellence Awards 2024

Aug22499 42 | Acquisition International, Business Excellence Awards 2024 Apr24211 Best Polymers Supplier 2024 - UAE ituated in the ever busy Business Bay of Dubai, MMF Global Trading LLC is a collective that prides itself on safely and securely importing and exporting a vast array of goods between manufacturers, end users, and traders. Specialising in the distribution of industrial raw materials for construction projects, chemicals reserved for the agricultural sphere, and Petro and Industrial chemicals alike, the comply has dedicated itself to singlehandedly leading the polymer supply sector forward. At its core, MMF Global Trading hopes that its work can play a pivotal role in its partners’ growth, with its services thriving alongside them at every turn. As MMF Global Trading puts it – “As the company’s partners grow in their respective business and expand through vertical integration, MMF Global Trading LLC grows with them by helping them source the relevant raw materials for their expanding industries and needs.” In essence, MMF Global Trading benefits from the partnership structure it established upon commencing operations. By providing customers with what they need, it has been able to garner a vast clientele that, in turn, has granted it the opportunity to scale itself. This genius framework guarantees mutual growth between parties, making MMF Global Trading an invaluable importer and exporter for the various industries of Dubai. Of course, as expected of such a highly regulated industry, transporting chemicals is a task that must be approached with the utmost care and caution. Thankfully, MMF Global Trading has gone above and beyond to ensure that, no matter how regulations may change, it remains compliant with whatever its industry may demand of it. It understands that clients rely on it for its vast catalogue of polymers, materials, and chemicals, and therefore adopts an innovative approach that continuously keeps it updated on the restrictions it must align itself with. In doing so, MMF Global Trading has defined itself as an entity that’s both reliable and adept – traits that are essential for any award-wining supplier. As a direct result of its timeless dedication, MMF Global Trading now finds itself working alongside esteemed entities who truly recognise the company’s commitment to its work. From the UAE’s International Chamber of Commerce, to the International Trade Council, Institute of Export and International Trade, the Singapore Business Council, Dubai Chamber, and the International Wood Products Association, MMF Global Trading has amassed a stellar reputation that has certainly served it well. For years, the company has been delivering fantastic services to the wider UAE region, and it’s clear that its work has definitely paid off. In short, MMF Global Trading is an award-winning collective whose import and export capabilities have earned it a surge of appraisals that are beyond deserved. As a multi-award-winning entity, it has proven that it intends to consistently elevate the expectations of the wider industry, and it’s for this very reason that it has once again been acknowledged by Acquisition International as the Best Polymers Supplier 2024 – UAE. Contact: Steven Company: MMF Global Trading LLC Web Address: No matter the scale of your company, when importing and exporting materials for your projects, you need to ensure that you enlist the assistance of an experienced and qualified entity. Promising to be just this is MMF Global Trading LLC – a multi-awardwinning collective that specialises in the import and export of industrial raw materials. Committed to handling various construction materials and agriculture chemicals as attentively as possible, MMF Global Trading LLC has quickly become Dubai’s top choice for the supply of a broad catalogue of polymers, fertilisers, chemicals, and building materials. Join us as we delve into more detail below. S