Business Excellence Awards 2024

Business Excellence Awards 2024, Acquisition International | 43 optimal skills and a passion for our mission to help those in need and redefine the paradigm. We build teams with specialists in each field and we train and support them well in our breakthrough methodologies. An important part of the culture is that everybody’s primary focus must always be on helping the clients in the best way to transform their health.” Further uniting the world of healthcare with the digital sphere, Health Optimizing’s dedication to helping others has truly solidified the business’ position as a leader in its realm. As for the future, Health Optimizing sees 2024 as a breakthrough year for expansion. The company has spent two decades on research and development to produce a streamlined, effective treatment programme and now, Sara says “We are finally ready to spread our wings and make a real impact in the world.” To stay up to date with the latest medical innovations, visit Health Optimizing online. Contact: Sara Hellali Company: Health Optimizing Ltd Web Address: Most Innovative Global Digital Medicine Enterprise Founded in 2002 by Scientific Director Thomas Aksnes, Health Optimizing is pioneering the future of health. The company has developed a technology-based model that utilizes 33 state-of-the-art technologies, 2/3 of which are proprietary of Health Optimizing. In 2023, the company received the Global Innovation and Excellence Award from The Global Chamber as recognition of the company’s contribution to the industry of technology-based medicine. Health Optimizing stands apart from its competitors due to its unique belief that health problems should be examined and treated at the roots. Much of Western medicine has a heavy focus on the examination and treatment of the symptoms of an ailment, which does not heal the issue itself. When asked about the shift of focus, Sara tells us, “The health statistics are getting worse and worse, and now that real solutions finally exist, it is time for redefining the paradigm. Health Optimizing is the frontier of this new direction.” There is often a lag between technology being medically approved and being implemented by conventional clinics. The scientific team at Health Optimizing are involved in the development and testing of prototypes, and technology is brought to clinics immediately after its approval. This means that the company is often ahead of the market when it comes to health innovation, and paired with its combination of technologies, Health Optimizing can locate and treat an illness at a much faster rate. The ethos at Health Optimizing is ‘High-Tech, High-Touch, High-Value’. Utilising the company’s high-technology methodologies, Health Optimizing can provide a personalised therapy plan that is matched to each patients needs and much more cost-effective in the long-run. The company looks at the bigger picture when it comes to healing methodologies. Sara says, “The human organism has intrinsic selfregulating and self-healing mechanisms that should be supported rather than the opposite.” The company’s methodologies attract a range of patients to its multitude of clinics across five continents. Health Optimizing’s healing practices help patients with serious illnesses, as well as those who are already in great health and are seeking peak performance. The clinics do not rely on marketing as advertisement as its services are so beneficial that word of mouth alone has created a waiting list. That being said, the medical industry does not come without its challenges. Health Optimizing is currently aiming to receive faster funding for increased research and development. Sara tells us, “We are currently self-funding to stay ahead of the trends and solve people’s health challenges faster and more effectively.” The company is now open to investors and partnerships to achieve this goal. With more funding, Health Optimizing will exceed the innovative excellence already achieved and develop even more effective methods of treatment. Ever since the company’s inception, Sara tells us, “When hiring and selecting partners we look for people who have the combination of Health Optimizing is an innovative frontier in the world of high-tech medicine. With a clinic model that has been fine-tuned for two decades, Health Optimizing promises to resolve health problems at the very root of the cause. We speak to Academy Manager Sara Hellali to learn more about the company’s industry-leading methodologies. Health Optimizing