Business Excellence Awards 2024

44 | Acquisition International, Business Excellence Awards 2024 Best Health & Safety Advisors 2024 - UK Keeping advice simple, straightforward and relevant to each client’s business is a core message at the heart of Hamilton Deed Ltd. Since its conception in 2005, the company has grown into a large and impactful part of its industry, recognised for providing a practical approach unlike any other. Headquartered in London, the organisation boasts an extensive network of consultants based across the UK with the expertise to help companies with all aspects of their health and safety procedures. Contact: Sarah Murphy Company: Hamilton Deed Limited Web Address: Head of Marketing, Sarah Murphy, has taken the time to explain Hamilton Deed’s values, impact and the mark it is making on the UK health and safety scene. “Our highly trained consultants have in the main come from the industries in which we work – construction, energy, retail, manufacturing and care. The experience they have from seeing firsthand the issues health and safety legislation can impact on a business means they are well placed to offer uniquely practical advice on how to keep our clients’ businesses running safely and compliantly. “We pride ourselves on the breadth of our expertise and work very hard to provide a service which is efficient, affordable and causes minimum disruption”, she comments. “Relationships are the most important aspect of our business. In an ever-evolving industry, we believe there is always room for good oldfashioned values of trust and transparency. Clear and regular communication is so important between any business and its client base – and this can only be achieved effectively if common goals are agreed and methods of meeting these goals are effectively communicated.” Importantly, this exceptional service does not solely benefit large businesses. The company commits to both large scale projects across the UK, as well as in Europe and the Middle East, although it retains the flexibility to support smaller local businesses with the same level of attention - adapting and tailoring its service wherever possible to the clients’ preferred approach to maintaining health and safety standards. In 2023 Hamilton Deed was appointed to help a large Portuguese energy firm understand and apply UK safety laws on solar farm installations, and more recently, it acquired a UK-based safety consultancy with over 100 smaller to medium sized clients. The same emphasis on clear communication and customer service was applied to both ventures. Any growing business however faces challenges, and Sarah offers insight into those posed by the health and safety industry. “Adding more and more safety legislation and paperwork into the mix causes delays and frustrations amongst the workforce, and there is the temptation to cut corners and take unsafe shortcuts. Identifying health and safety issues is one thing, ensuring they are correctly and safely closed out is another.” Hamilton Deed is no stranger to these challenges, but takes them in their stride. In order to stay ahead of the curve in a complex, ever-changing industry, and to serve their client base in the most efficient way possible, Hamilton Deed utilises its unique CAM (Compliance Audit Measure) review tool. Using this bespoke, risk-rated prioritised audit, Hamilton Deed can compare the likelihood of a business having an incident against its ability to defend itself should the need arise. The company has also been exploring ways of scaling advanced technology – which would often only be accessible to large corporations – and making it available to its smaller and medium sized clients. Working with Compliance Genie, from Be-Safe Technologies, has allowed Hamilton Deed to adopt smartphone-based technology to complete simple tasks quickly and efficiently and has provided a low-cost and real time solution to many issues. Hamilton Deed’s success is in part due to its innovative ideas like these, and its keen desire to remain on the forefront of health and safety practice. The Company has also partnered with other complementary service providers to streamline the client experience. This includes ‘DeskClinic’, an all-in-one advisor, counsellor, physiotherapist, trainer and nutritionist, which has an impressive track record in improving the wellbeing of employees. Sarah acknowledges the benefit of providing such a comprehensive service to the company’s client base. “Building partnerships like this helps our clients in so many more ways than just using Hamilton Deed alone for health and safety advice.” Sarah also praises the Company’s team, who have all fully bought into the style of consultancy the company offers. “Hamilton Deed is only as good as the sum of its parts, and the relationship with our employees is just as important as our relationship with our clients. We encourage flexible working to ensure a healthy work/life balance, and support our team wherever possible with training to develop their personal career progression.”