Business Excellence Awards 2024

10 | Acquisition International, Business Excellence Awards 2024 t The Original Wishing Tree, each individual Wishing Tree is intentionally created for life’s monumental moments, with beautifully decorated clips and cards designed for each occasion. Throughout history, people have gathered under Wishing Trees to tie their wishes and offerings to its branches. It is believed that the universe will hear and breathe life into these wishes. From heartfelt thank you-s and messages of sympathy to celebrations of new life and anniversaries, The Original Wishing Tree offers emotionally charged gifts to honour the moments that matter. Kate O’Mara, Founder of The Original Wishing Tree, says, “We offer a unique gifting experience to those who are looking for a more heartfelt, sentimental, and thoughtful option. The rush of modern life has seen gifting become less heartfelt and more obligatory. Too often we find ourselves grabbing the first thing on the shelf that ticks the box. We want to make boring, uninspired gifts a thing of the past. So, in the spirit of gifting with more intention, we created The Original Wishing Tree. A beautiful gift to celebrate, commiserate and commemorate all of life’s important moments.” For customers seeking a gorgeous gift that will be treasured for years to come, a Wishing Tree is guaranteed to make every occasion a memorable one. The Original Wishing Tree aims to recreate the symbolic rituals and ancient practices of attaching heartfelt wishes and desires to the Wishing Tree. By engaging in this practice, individuals are calling on the universe to answer their call and deliver them fresh hope for the future. Dating back as far as the 1700s, Wishing Trees have been recorded in places unconnected by land, language, and culture, sharing a belief that these remarkable trees can bestow wishes on the bearer. Although the rituals vary between cultures, they share a commonality of hope and community connecting them all. The Original Wishing Tree offers everything from 6-12ft Wishing Trees for organisations to individual gift size for special occasions. Each tree comes with a complete kit including cards, decorated clips, pouches for gifts or money, a USB charging cord, and a pen to write special messages. In just four simple steps, Shape, Write, Attach, and Gift, customers can set up their own exquisite Wishing Tree. Set up begins by gently Spanning across many cultures (Noted in cultures spread across the globe), Wishing Trees would have been used for centuries as a symbol of hope with its branches yielding people’s deepest desires and heartfelt wishes. The Original Wishing Tree offers a unique gifting experience with each bespoke Wishing Tree specially chosen to reconnect the recipient with what matters most in life. The company strives to make uninspired gifts a thing of the past, providing a thoughtful gift alternative for life’s biggest moments. A Most Unique Holistic Gift 2024 (APAC): The Original Wishing Tree