Business Excellence Awards 2024

Business Excellence Awards 2024, Acquisition International | 47 As for the future, all signs point to good fortune for Roki Group. Its aforementioned managed services model has been white labelled by a number of larger agencies, highlighting that it is clearly an approach that works. Without shifting the focus too much from its digital solutions, it is worth noting that the agency provides top talent and can build a team about half as fast as other agencies of its sort, and this is something that is set to continue to play a big part in the future of this award-winning business moving forward. In essence, customers today want more for less. Roki Group’s unique position as a global digital agency that covers numerous areas of industry thus makes it the perfect partner for those looking to achieve this. In a sector subject to endless change, Roki Group is the constant beacon of quality that can grow and adapt with the businesses of its clients. Some of its partners even include multinational brands such as ASOS, Sky, and The Guardian, further testifying to the quality that is inherent across London’s Best Global Digital Agency 2024. Contact: Rob Saunders Company: Roki Group Web Address: Best Global Digital Agency 2024 - London In a highly competitive landscape, Roki Group is distinguished from the competition by its people and their skill. Operating out of London but with teams dotted across the globe, 24/7 delivery and support come as standard, nicely complementing the encompassing approach to both technical and cultural integration this business is famed for. Leveraging the skill of its small and focused teams, this agency has a well-deserved reputation for building truly remarkable solutions for clients that rival those of their competitors, often for as little as 20% of their cost. The best part about these solutions and Roki’s Group service more generally is the unrivalled level of flexibility, with staff going above and beyond to exceed the technological needs of customers. Just one example of this can be found in the ongoing support this team provide. In fact, approximately 90% of their customer base leverage this managed service model to support a project after launch, with staff covering every aspect from hosting and development to front- and back-end support. This is not uncommon in and of itself, but when one considers the scale of these solutions, it highlights Roki Group’s unique capability and willing. Of course, it helps when your leadership team possess more than 200 years of expertise between them, the result being that there is very little that this business has not come across in its time, having worked with clients across a host of varied, diverse industries. With this knowledge and experience to boot, these leaders have amassed an impressive workforce that has proven to be foundational to the business’ overall success. The culture that runs through Roki Group is thus transparent and based on sharing in triumph and struggle, and a keen entrepreneurial spirit underpins this entire operation. It is an ongoing commitment to excellence that has ultimately allowed Roki Group to fortify its status as a frontrunner in the fields of not only digital transformation, product development, and solutions integration, but also across such areas as e-commerce and team scaling/ outsourcing. Such a multifaceted approach to business bodes well in a sector that has long been experiencing significant issues in recruitment, with wages increasing exponentially in spite of the skill employees remaining static. On the back of this, it was an attempt to curb costs that saw this London-based digital agency expand its horizons and set up shop in locations such as India. Through this expansion, it can focus on building teams that possess the relevant technical know-how and are aligned with the business’ culture, all without having to increase costs or provide a dip in the quality of its products to the end user. Outsourcing of this nature has of course become increasingly commonplace across a number of industries, and in the tough times we live in today, it is something that is necessary in order to provide the value that customers everywhere crave. Expertly catering to the needs of clients from all over the world, Roki Group is proud to be the power behind the digital ambition of its clients, driving sustainable growth that develops alongside a business itself. The solutions provided by this full-service digital agency take the form of both enterprise and bespoke, affording clients absolute value. In the digital world we live in today, it is necessary for businesses to partner with an agency that understands them. Luckily, Roki Group excels in doing just that. Roki Group