Business Excellence Awards 2024

48 | Acquisition International, Business Excellence Awards 2024 Best Immigration Law Firm 2024 - California It is the mission of D’Alessio Law Group to help the likes of artists, tech visionaries, and business leaders from across the planet to secure their visas in the United States, something achieved through its personalised service, vast experience, and unrelenting drive to enrich the country and its workforce through cultural diversity. People from all walks of life and every part of the world come to America in search of the American Dream, and this law firm strives to help them achieve it, whether this be by providing them with a work/study visa, a Green Card, or managing any other immigration need. Contact: Mauro Sacramento Company: D’Alessio Law Group Web Address: A boutique US immigration law firm managed by a team consisting of many first-generation immigrants, those at D’Alessio Law are in a unique position to provide each of their clients with a personalised and tailored experience that is almost certain to get them the result that they desire. Instrumental in this success has been Founder Lorraine D’Alessio, whose signature approach prides close collaboration with her clients and team to pioneer a strategy that showcases all of the ways these clients can benefit the United States. In essence, not only is what they have done important, but so too is what they will do in the future. Lorraine is a first-generation immigrant herself, meaning that she knows what it takes for a person to up and leave their home country and start from scratch abroad. Anybody with the courage to do this is remarkable in the eyes of the firm, which stops at nothing to make these people’s dreams come true. Boasting a team that is as diverse as it is exemplary, including an all-woman roster of industry-leading attorneys at the helm, dedication, passion, and skill radiate from this team at every level. The results speaks for themselves, with D’Alessio Law quite simply being the best immigration law firm in California. Across the decades of combined experience possessed by this team, they have come to witness that a diverse workforce is not only beneficial for a company, but also wider communities and thus the country as a whole. Fresh perspectives can be accrued that provide citizens with empathy, a deeper sense of understanding, and a knowledge of the unfamiliar, which is an incredibly rewarding experience for all involved. Since the United States was itself built by immigrants, it has a storied history of being a melting pot, and Lorraine and co. have made it their duty to ensure that this continues to be the case well into the future. Just like other areas of law, immigration law is not a science. There is no guaranteed formula for success, and something that works for one person may not work for another. This makes a robust knowledge of the law, sector, and one’s clients essential in long-term success and the forging of a stellar track record. D’Alessio Law fortunately possesses just that, something proven demonstrably true by its incredible 98% success rate in client case approval. What makes this statistic even more impressive is that the past several years have seen the introduction of numerous policies across the US that have attempted to curb immigration. As our readers may be aware, immigration has long been on the receiving end of scrutiny in the US’ political sphere, with numerous politicians targeting immigration by presenting it through a lens that focuses primarily on domestic labour. Such negative stereotyping has had a huge impact on the number of people able to enter the country, something that was only exacerbated during the pandemic, when borders were shut down completely. Tackling these hardships has not been easy, but by pioneering new strategies and workarounds, all whilst remaining steadfast in its commitment to clients, D’Alessio Law has continued to triumph. Nevertheless, more difficulties await as 2024 rolls on. This year will see the 60th quadrennial presidential election take place, and unsurprisingly, immigration will be a keen area of focus for every candidate as the race narrows. Unfortunately, in the current political landscape of the country today, it is inevitable that a number of hurdles will continue to crop up for those looking to come to the Land of Opportunity to live or work. Undeterred by politics, the experts at D’Alessio Law Group remain committed to helping their clients navigate this complex and evolving landscape, so that they may bring their unique knowledge and abilities to the United States. It is this remarkable vow that has earned this company the title of Best Immigration Law Firm 2024 – California.