Business Excellence Awards 2024

Business Excellence Awards 2024, Acquisition International | 49 Performing Arts Talent Management Enterprise of the Year 2024 - Italy t’s late 2003 – the starting point of a new age of cinema. Now, more than ever, actors and artists alike are seeking more ways to place themselves on Italian directors’ radars. However, with no clear path forward, the need for a qualified Italian acting manager to guide them forward is more evident than ever. At this time, artists were crying out for help, and one of the first to respond to this outcry was Luca Confortini. Recognising that his exceptional skills could help shape the lives of aspiring artists, Luca founded Del Fuego Artist Management – a now award-winning artistic management school that has overseen an abundance of success over the past two decades. As a talent manager, personal manager, talent producer, and literary agent, Luca created Del Fuego Artist Management as a conduit for all he’d learned throughout the years, all in the pursuit of creating an approach to artistic management that focuses on each specific actor. From the moment a student joins its ranks, they’re granted unique insights into their respective spheres, be it cinema, television, or even publishing – insights that are a direct byproduct of Luca’s intrinsic understanding of how various sectors operate. With such detailed knowledge at its disposal, Del Fuego Artist Management has successfully managed to target its artists’ planned achievements, granting them access to opportunities they may have never been able to uncover alone. Through Del Fuego Artist Management, Luca channels his specialised teaching approach into tangible tutelage that’s fully focused on providing an entry point into a professional career. In essence, the enterprise acts as a catalyst to kickstart artists’ careers, with Luca’s eye for scouting young talents consistently proving to foster what may very well be Italy’s future stars. Even though Del Fuego Artist Management was initially founded to uplift rising actors, Luca recognised that there were more artists in need of guidance – an understanding that culminated in his decision to onboard writers in 2016, and contemporary artists in 2019. Since he began his journey, Luca has mastered the art of management, and it’s clear to see through the myriad of accolades now held by Del Fuego Artist Management. From its feature in LUXlife Magazine as the ‘Best Talent Management Agency’ in 2020 and 2021, to being recognised as the ‘Talent Management Firm of the Year’ by the Innovative and Excellence Awards in 2022, Del Fuego Artist Management has amassed a stellar reputation that’s further demonstrated through its extended success in the Business Excellence Awards 2024. Truly, Del Fuego Artist Management has never faltered in its pursuit of greatness, all for the sake of introducing Italy to the artists that are bound to take the region by storm. Based a philosophy that centres around exploring the artistic potential of each individual, Del Fuego Artist Management has established itself as the definitive artistic management school in Italy. Here at Acquisition International, we are always eager to explore the detailed mindsets behind the world’s greatest enterprises, and Del Fuego Artist Management is no exception. Its flair for artistic guidance is impossible to overlook, and, combined with its drive to fashion the next generation of Italian artists, it’s become an unstoppable force within the acting management sphere. We sincerely look forward to seeing Del Fuego Artist Management’s continued impact on Italy’s rising stars. Contact Details Contact: Luca Confortini Company: Del Fuego Artist Management Web Address: Artists come in all shapes and sizes – from big screen actors and television icons to writers and contemporary artists. However, becoming an artist isn’t the tricky part. The tricky part lies with getting your name out there all by yourself. Thankfully, accomplished talent manager Luca Confortini took it upon himself to create a solution to this conundrum, and thus Del Fuego Arist Management was born. Looking to focus on helping artists to achieve their dreams, be they entry level beginners or seasoned experts hoping to branch out from their previous roles, Del Fuego Artist Management has quickly become the greatest acting school in Italy. Join us as we delve into how. I