Business Excellence Awards 2024

Aug22499 26 | Acquisition International, Business Excellence Awards 2024 Best Tuition Centre 2024 - Essex roviding an array of impactful one-to-one tutoring sessions that help to provide a child with the educational skills they need to thrive in their current or future academic journeys, the wholly tailored offerings provided by Pro-Tuition begin with a complimentary 60-minute educational assessment that is designed to identify all of the specific areas that will then be worked on in subsequent lessons. To ensure that these targets are hit, every child has a bespoke and individualised learning plan that not only takes into consideration topics that need to be improved, but also celebrates their strengths to make sure that hard work is recognised, and motivation kept high. Delving deeper into this tremendous learning environment, Schalk explains to us, “Our tuition centre provides a vibrant and friendly learning environment.” He continues, “students are encouraged to excel through positive reinforcement, including praise, reward cards, stickers, and exciting prizes upon completion of milestones.” Underpinning this is an ethos of safety and wellbeing, with ProTuition proudly boasting its status as voluntarily regulated by Ofsted, highlighting a near faultless approach in key avenues such as teaching, recruitment, and safeguarding. For Schalk, “this commitment to high standards sets us apart in an industry that is often unregulated, ensuring parents’ peace of mind and confidence in our services.” Moreover, regarding parents, Pro-Tuition prides itself on the unmistakable parental convenience that comes as standard across its services, with parents being able to enjoy the comfortable waiting area and outdoor patio, with complimentary hot drinks included for the duration of a child’s session. Of course, Schalk and the team recognise that in today’s flexible and fast-paced society, parents may have to take time out of a busy work schedule to drop their children off for tuition. They need fear not, as with Pro-Tuition’s dedicated working areas, complete with Wi-Fi, parents are free to maximise their time as they wait, meeting deadlines as their child receives teaching of the highest standard. Regardless of whether a student is five years old and just starting out in education or is on the precipice of carrying out the most important examinations of their life, their GCSEs, Pro-Tuition excels in helping students to catch back up if they have fallen behind, providing them with that all-important extra confidence boost in their abilities, or even making sure that they stay ahead of their classmates in pursuit of them reaching their maximum potential. This is all achieved through the tailored, encompassing approach to education employed by the team, going beyond the normal curriculum at both ends so as to provide a solid foundation and then further the knowledge that is taught in schools. Beyond just this, Pro-Tuition’s superb 11+ programme is perfect for those in the Essex area who are seeking to pass their grammar school entrance exams, with these specific sessions guiding students both in an academic and personal sense so that they have the best possible chance of thriving in the tests on the day. This calibre of personal attention is present across the board, with every student offered an hour-long session that is delivered by a highly qualified and experienced teacher, so whether these sessions are all about passing those grammar school entrance exams, excelling in GCSEs, or simply acting as key stepping stones on the path to future educational prosperity, Pro-Tuition has something for everyone. By providing every child with a regular teacher that deeply understands their personal educational needs and unique personality, Pro-Tuition serves as the perfect counterbalance to the increasingly popular cloud-based, remote alternatives to teaching that can sometimes feel frustrating and distant. However, at times when in-person attendance is not possible, this team recognise that an online session is better than no session at all, but Schalk reaffirms that 99% of this teaching takes place in a face-to-face environment, with that irreplaceable student-teacher connection allowed to flourish, creating terrific results in the process. Defined by a resolute commitment to empowering minds and nurturing potential, Essex’s Pro-Tuition Ltd is one of the region’s leading educational institutions, offering exemplary numeracy, literacy, and 11+ for those students from reception age right through to year 11, when GCSEs are undertaken. Headquartered in a bespoke tuition centre in the beautiful historic market town of Dunmow in Essex’s Uttlesford district, this team pride themselves on upholding the highest of standards, leveraging the unmatched skills of a series of hand-selected, qualified, and experienced teachers to offer a service that is unlike any other. We speak with Schalk Meyer to find out more. P Contact: Schalk Meyer Company: Pro-Tuition Essex Ltd. Web Address: