Business Excellence Awards 2024

Business Excellence Awards 2024, Acquisition International | 25 Best Online Luxury Florist 2024 - Northern England riven by core values of quality, care, and satisfaction, Haute Florist is passionate about creating floral masterpieces that evoke deep emotions and make a spectacular surprise. Offering a full range of captivating flower products, the business caters to a diverse range of clients who share an appreciation for luxury and beauty. Its clientele ranges from individuals who wish to express themselves through the language of flowers to corporate companies seeking to make a lasting impact with impressive floral arrangements. A team of experienced florists are dedicated to delivering the personal touch, learning clients’ unique preferences to tailor bespoke creations just for them. Whether it’s a celebratory event, affectionate gesture, or professional partnership, Haute Florist strive to exceed expectations with stunning bouquets that tell a remarkable story. While many florists offer lovely arrangements, Haute Florist go above and beyond to curate floral designs that emanate elegance and refinement. By embracing creativity, the business can ensure it continues to push the boundaries of innovation to deliver unrivalled luxury experiences to its valued customers. Every stem used is thoughtfully selected from sustainable flower farms all over the world. Haute Florist is dedicated to ensuring that every stage of a flower’s journey is both responsible and ethical. Working within the online floral industry, the business’s greatest challenge is evolving consumer preferences and staying abreast of trends in a competitive market. With the rise of environmental concerns, businesses face growing pressure to embrace eco-friendly practices and ethical sourcing. To remain ahead of industry trends, Haute Florist prioritises innovation and creativity in their approach to floral design. The team meticulously monitors emerging trends in fashion, interior design, and art to predict changes in consumer preferences and evolve its offerings accordingly. Haute Florist also invests in research and development to discover new techniques, materials, and technologies to expand the limits of traditional floral arrangements. Maryam Ghani at Haute Florist shares, “Our unique selling point lies in our ability to seamlessly blend luxury with exceptional service. From the moment a customer places an order to the final delivery of their arrangement, we prioritise excellence in every aspect of our business. Our team of artisan florists meticulously handcraft each bouquet with precision and care, ensuring that every detail is perfect. We also invest in rigorous quality control measures to maintain the highest standards throughout the production process. Furthermore, our commitment to customer satisfaction drives us to go above and beyond to address any inquiries or concerns promptly, fostering long-lasting relationships built on trust and reliability.” The Haute Florist team play a vital role in the business’s success, embodying its values and pursuit of excellence across every aspect of operations. From teams of talented florists who give life to inspiring arrangements to the dedicated customer service team who deliver seamless customer experiences, every staff member contributes to the company’s commitment to quality. The social media team also plays an important role in audience engagement, showcasing creations, and fostering a supportive community. With their creative and strategic approach to content creation, the team can maintain a strong online presence and continue to attract new clients. In 2023, Haute Florist launched a sub-brand, Haute Events, which allowed the business to work on bespoke company enquiries such as meetings, launch parties, and more. To date, Haute Events has collaborated with some of the world’s most renowned brands and is excited to work with more brands over the coming year. Additionally, the company has launched a sister brand, Haute Hampers, which enables customers to send luxury hampers and gift boxes to loved ones on special occasions. Over Christmas, the enterprise experienced widespread success and the business will continue to evolve its sub-brands in the years to come. With the support of its talented and professional teams, Haute Florist will continue to deliver unparalleled luxury experiences to its esteemed customers. Since its inception, Haute Florist has remained steadfast in its dedication to quality, customer satisfaction, and innovation which inspire the company to create fresh and exquisite designs. Through its unwavering pursuit of excellence, the business will continue to exceed client’s expectations and further secure its leading position at the forefront of the luxury floral industry. For its seamless shopping experiences and striking offerings, we have recognised Haute Florist as this year’s Best Online Luxury Florist - Northern England. Contact: Maryam Ghani Company: Haute Florist Web Address: At Haute Florist, the business prides itself on its luxurious floral offerings and ability to redefine elegance with each exquisite bouquet. The online florist creates beautiful arrangements using only the best quality stems sourced from around the world. With its reliable delivery service, customers can receive the perfect gift of fresh flowers anywhere in the UK. Recognised in this year’s Business Excellence Awards, Haute Florist is the epitome of luxury within the floral industry, specialising in crafting artisan bouquets that consistently delight customers and their loved ones. D