Business Excellence Awards 2024

24 | Acquisition International, Business Excellence Awards 2024 Most Innovative Data & Analytics Consultancy 2024 - Illinois Headquartered in Illinois, Evolution Analytics is a true specialist in delivering an array of highly advanced services and solutions, such as decision automation that is bolstered by AI. Data consultants that are celebrated industry-wide for their encompassing expertise and breaking down of barriers, it is the unique combination of proven methodologies and limitless innovation that distinguishes the team in this sphere, empowering these data strategy consultants to take on challenges and succeed where others fail, all while streamlining the client experience and addressing the key issues that define the industry with maximum impact. Principal Vince Belanger tells us more. Going beyond mere problem solving, Evolution Analytics makes sure to prioritise working closely and collaboratively with all of its clients, exploring and ultimately unlocking unique new opportunities for total transformation, in turn, elevating the businesses of its partners to heights never before seen. Such a pioneering strategy has proven itself to be of great use regarding new and existing investments alike, fortifying a business’ current hold while simultaneously allowing it to traverse new peaks and opportunities, remaining steadfast on the path to continuous prosperity in the process. At the centre of this approach is an unmistakable bond with the power of data, and leveraging this to maximum impact, the business today champions those entities that are proudly driven by data as the future pioneers of this ever-evolving space. Vince explains this further, “we steadfastly believe in championing the underdog, ensuring that mid-sized enterprises have the tools and guidance to challenge the titans of the industry.” This encompasses two of the four cornerstones that ultimately define the business’ operation, with Evolution Analytics also seeking to embrace the revolution that cloud-based analytics is bringing about and striving to blend its creativity with rigorous analytics at every turn. “From our inception, Evolution Analytics was not just a company; it was a vision. This vision was meticulously conceived and purposebuilt around a set of core beliefs and values that guide our every stride.” It is this four-fold approach that ultimately enables the company to offer its array of services so effectively, with these deployed to the likes of the healthcare and life sciences, manufacturing and logistics, education, finance, and insurance sectors. Operating across these, the company’s flagship offering, the EAAdvantage™ Data Analytics Framework, has been expertly assembled so as to guide partner businesses across every stage of this process with ease, from the initial assessment right through to formulating strategy and then offering support on an ongoing basis. Through the insights and accurate predictions afforded, operations can improve measurably, and a stronger competitive edge garnered market wide. The market-wide knowledge possessed by the team at Evolution Analytics thus stands it in good stead as it seeks to manage the emerging trends of the industry, in a sphere that is presently being defined by the rapid developments of AI. To stay ahead, Vince tells us, “we’ve established key partnerships with top-tier AI solutions in healthcare and finance, which have been recognised for their excellence.” In this space, Vince elaborates, “our role transcends the binary choice of building or buying; it’s about ensuring the optimal path for our customers’ success. Whether that means collaborating to create custom solutions or integrating the best existing technologies, we are prepared to guide our clients effectively.” 2023 for Evolution Analytics was a year of similar triumph, and when asked to comment on some of the highlights of the past 12 months or so, Vince remarks on the company’s Control Tower solution, which quickly evolved from a tool to aid midmarket clients in making decisions into the leading robust decision automation solution that it is today, utilising state-of-the-art AI and data-driven areas to recognise those areas in need of additional attention across a complex supply chain. Vince states, “our involvement didn’t stop at merely developing a solution; we also laid a foundation for sustainable growth, ensuring the client could continue to enhance this capability independently post-deployment.” By leveraging the increasingly robust power of AI into solutions to both shorten timeframes and implement improvements, the data science consultants at Evolution Analytics are continuing to streamline the tremendous impact of their solutions, providing clients in a host of business settings with exemplary data and analytics consulting advice that is sure to solidify their market position. This is all delivered by a business that is constantly redefining its offerings to cater to the evolving needs of the industry, and as such, is more than worthy of being featured in the 2024 Business Excellence Awards. Contact: Vince Belanger Company: Evolution Analytics Web Address: