Business Excellence Awards 2024

Business Excellence Awards 2024, Acquisition International | 23 Beyond this, Gregory was incredibly proud of the three books that were published last year by Cybersnap on this sector, with these titled, Home: A Step-by-Step Guide to Cybersecurity Protection at Home, Children: A Parent’s Guide on How to Keep Children Safe in a Digital World, and End-User: Cybersecurity for the Home Office. Leveraging the success of these books as 2024 continues to roll on, the team this year are focusing intently on training and education in the field, ensuring that the businesses it partners with are well-equipped to prevent or mitigate attacks involving ransomware or the theft of any inside data. By taking this proactive approach, clients can grow their businesses while protecting their information. In the technology-orientated environment we find ourselves in today, knowledge is power. By forging excellent interactions between the instructor and the student across its robust, insightful, and incredibly beneficial cybersecurity awareness training sessions, Cybersnap provides training that is impactful and updated regularly so as to protect the best interests of an organisation. This unrivalled interactive training programme creates a team of ethical hacking experts who can build a human firewall to protect what is theirs, and with this all being overseen by award-winning thought leader Gregory Dharma LePard, the highest standards are upheld recurrently. Contact: Gregory Dharma LePard Company: Cybersnap Web Address: Cybersecurity Thought Leader of the Year 2024 (Canada): Gregory Dharma LePard An integral piece of the Cybersnap puzzle is Co-founder and Chief Evangelist Gregory Dharma LePard, a pioneering thought leader whose expertise spans over two decades. With all of the necessary knowledge and skills to spearhead the rollout of numerous technical solutions and awareness training to clients across a broad range of business sectors, Gregory champions an encompassing approach to security that includes the technical, training, and ethical hacking elements that promote success. Across his role, some of Gregory’s primary responsibilities include creating online content, managing the entirety of the sales process, overseeing training and development and, in a volunteer role, consulting as a career mentor for newcomers to Canada wanting to enter the cybersecurity field. With Gregory at the helm of these areas, Cybersnap has amassed an impressive track record of working closely with a number of small- and medium-sized businesses, affording them the means to access comprehensive cybersecurity awareness programmes that provide a great deal of insight into how to prepare for an online and socially engineered attack. Famed for its training methods that engage, entertain, and educate in equal measure, these sessions appeal broadly to a variety of learning styles, headed up by a member of a certified team of trainers and ethical hackers who have oft been in the throes of a cyberattack. Questions can thus be asked and answered confidently, unlocking an ability to safeguard that offers true peace of mind. The dominating elements of respect and honesty radiate from Cybersnap, not only in terms of its interactions with customers but also regarding its internal culture and the way that staff relate to each other. Without the dedication and hard work embodied by this team, the prosperity that has been faced would not have been possible, and sound in this knowledge, the business adopts a flat structure that encourages participation from staff members at all levels, well aware that the next brilliant idea could come from anywhere. This unwavering devotion means Cybersnap can supersede merely by offering compliance services and operating holistically, managing individual needs to offer true protection. Monitoring the cybersecurity landscape incredibly closely, this team prides on adaptation, evolution, and anticipation, three elements that have resulted in them solidifying their status as some of the best and brightest minds in the space, constantly on the lookout for ways to improve and go that extra mile for employees and clients alike. This was on display in full force last year, when Cybersnap prioritised obtaining specific qualifications like the CompTIA CASP+ and CCSK v4. Achieving qualifications akin to these simply exemplifies the greatness that Greogry and the team hope to exude at every turn, operating based on the highest-quality of industry-wide standards to ensure lasting triumph. In more than 90% of cyber-based attacks, social engineering techniques are the chief culprit. By considering the hacker’s perspective, the tremendous cybersecurity awareness training offered by Cybersnap helps prevent these, building a human firewall in its clients’ systems that helps minimize the surface area of an attack. Providing a vCISO (virtual chief information security officer) that expertly crafts complex cyber awareness programmes, Cybersnap does much more than just make sure that the cybersecurity box is checked; it invests in the people that, in turn, fortify an organization’s overall security. Cybersnap