Business Excellence Awards 2024

Aug22499 22 | Acquisition International, Business Excellence Awards 2024 Feb24560 Best Scrap & Metal Processing Equipment Manufacturer 2024 & Product Design Innovation Award stablished in 1998, SICON is a medium-sized machine and plant manufacturer with a focus on developing and implementing bespoke solutions for ferrous and non-ferrous metal processing. Based in Hilchenbach, Germany, SICON has become an innovation leader offering comprehensive scrap and mental processing, from shredding to the separation of materials according to type. With more than 30 SICON recycling systems worldwide, the customers process two million tons of residues annually which would have otherwise gone into landfill. Residues are primarily metals and plastics but also include special wastes such as jeans, slag, and more. SICON’s largest systems can process 300 tons every hour with its ASR recovery systems able to recycle 98% of an endof-life vehicle. SICON’s client-specific solutions are developed according to customers’ unique requirements with products designed to assist them in their daily operations. Its clients range from small scrap operators, plastic recyclers, and metal processers to major operators such as steel plants and car manufacturers. Valued customers become lifelong partners and their success is the driving force behind the company’s continual product optimisation and innovation. The SICON team is dedicated to building strong relationships with customers to help them achieve their economic and ecological goals. Sebastian Schuelke, CEO of SICON, shares, “Our customers appreciate our business ethics. Management respects and lives by the principle of the honourable businessman, a hanseatic principle that is more than 500 years old. We voluntarily and gladly commit ourselves to adhering to the ethical principles of this tradition by listening to our conscience and our employees. We respect human dignity and treat all people with respect. We are also committed to the sustainable creation and preservation of jobs.” SICON is dedicated to supporting its diligent team with additional training to nurture their personal and professional development. The innovative company has also created a supportive network of cooperation and knowledge partners to discuss industry trends and the development of technical progress. After 26 years in the business, SICON understands the importance of maintaining close relationships with companies, including its competitors, to work together towards a sustainable recycling industry. The most challenging aspect in the realm of steel and metal recycling is technological process innovation. With technology constantly evolving, SICON must remain vigilant and continuously enhance its systems to stay ahead. The recycling industry is currently witnessing the integration of AI and laser technology as well as the improvement of automation processes. SICON is committed to collaborating with industry experts to leverage this pioneering technology for the benefit of its esteemed customers and the wider world. Sebastian Schuelke says, “Our EcoScan® Online Scrap Analyser, which delivers real-time data about the scrap quality before feeding into the EAF (electric arc furnace), is a game changer. The use of shredded scrap for steel production has significant metallurgical benefits. Shorter tap-to-tap times, a faster filling of the scrap baskets or the melting furnace, and reduced electrode costs along with a much better CO² balance. In 2023 we sold seven units, three of them into the US, and four of them in Germany.” Over the coming year, SICON will be developing a system to clean shred scrap with AI to reduce the need for manual sorting. SICON remains steadfast in its mission to develop client-specific solutions that fulfil companies’ recycling needs. By utilising green technology, the business strives to help customers decrease landfill and create a healthier world for tomorrow. For its sustainable processes and innovative solutions, we have honoured SICON with two awards at this year’s prestigious Business Excellence Awards. Contact: Sebastian Schuelke Company: SICON GmbH Web Address: With nearly eight billion people in the world, recycling is one of our greatest global challenges. At SICON, the business believes that the environment should be preserved and prides itself on leveraging green technology to solve environmental issues. With its pioneering machines and recycling solutions designed to decrease landfill and boost recycling rates, SICON is on a mission to protect the planet for future generations. E