Business Excellence Awards 2024

Business Excellence Awards 2024, Acquisition International | 21 Best Eco-Friendly Bioplastics Company 2024 - APAC copha Group’s steadfast commitment to using sustainable material and solutions has resulted in one of its subsidiaries, the Australian-based Ecopha Pty. Ltd. (ECOPHA), netting this award, particularly for its recent work regarding the innovative Polyhydroxyalkanoates (otherwise known as PHA) bioplastic. As Wilson explains to us, “this remarkable PHA bioplastic is both fully biodegradable and biologically synthesised by microorganisms through the fermentation of renewable resources like sugar and plant oil.” In essence, these eco-friendly PHA bioplastics set the gold standard, are second to none, and are incredibly kind to the planet. The use of this bioplastic and the others in its expansive portfolio all contribute towards the proactive approach afforded by the company in achieving its mission and vision, which are to, “be a significant research and development player in biodegradable products serving within the bioplastics industry in the world”, and “to be a corporate organisation that continuously cares and values the environment in its quest for quality products and achieving profit”, respectively. Another way that ECOPHA achieves this is through its e-commerce platform, https://, which sells these bioplastic products online to a diverse client base united by a shared appreciation for robust materials that do not harm the environment. Commenting on what truly sets the business apart in this environment, Wilson tells us, “we strive for excellence in customer service, product quality, and environmental impact. Our vision extends beyond mere transactions; we aim to promote the daily use of bioplastics, contributing to a healthier, greener planet and a sustainable environment.” This all starts with the company’s staff, whose role in the success of the business has proven to be instrumental time and again. Their contributions are far reaching, and much like the wider company, staff radiate the qualities of innovation, environmental consciousness, and an unbridled commitment to sustainability, and each is a true asset to the team. Leveraging the abilities of this team, ECOPHA is able to tackle the never-ending challenges that face the bioplastics industry, particularly regarding material innovation, regulatory compliance, and enhancing the awareness of the consumer. Overcoming such issues is achieved by employing a careful process of ongoing research and development, considered collaborations with other leading figures and entities, and finally, adopting a proactive approach to remaining educated on market goings-on. For Wilson, “our commitment to staying ahead not only ensures the quality and sustainability of our products but also positions us as industry leaders.” The brand’s industry-leading status was further solidified in 2023, when a collaboration among ECOPHA, Murdoch University and CSIRO resulted in the Bioplastics Innovation Hub, answering the call for a cutting-edge method of producing water bottles made from compostable plastics stemming from the food industry’s waste. Another project undertaken by ECOPHA, creating environmentally conscious health care packaging using the aforementioned PHA bioplastic. This is being undertaken along with University of NSW, Santevation, and Refresh Waters, and by replacing the healthcare industry norm of petroleum-based plastic with biodegradable and compostable plastics, a huge impact has been felt already. ECOPHA has recently also forged a collaboration with the University of Sydney aimed at enhancing the efficacy of PHA fermentation processes through the utilization of renewable feedstock. “With the plastic waste industry valued globally at about $87 billion, ECOPHA is playing a crucial role in addressing environmental concerns by turning waste into something valuable and advancing the development of eco-friendly and 100% biodegradable plastics. ” Similar excellence is planned for the rest of 2024, with the team seeking to secure $10 million in investment options to continue to pioneer in this field of healthcare packaging. Another ambitious plan in the pipeline revolves around Ecopha Group preparing to undertake an Initial Public Offering (IPO) on the Nasdaq stock market in 2025, and with this projected to raise a minimum of $50 million, the business’ drive to attain growth and innovation, all while promoting increased environmental responsibility and transforming the part bioplastics play in this, are contributing measurably to the success of the wider industry. Thus, ECOPHA is more than deserving of this award for its environmental, innovative packaging. Contact: Dr. Wilson Ling Company: Ecopha Pty. Ltd. (ECOPHA) Web Address: & Founded by the husband-and-wife-team of Dr. Wilson Ling and Ms. Jasmine Lee, Ecopha Group (Ecopha Group Inc., Ecopha Pty. Ltd., Ecopha Biotech Pty. Ltd.), were all established on the back of sound knowledge regarding the repercussions on the environment yielded by plastic waste, a driving factor in the climate change that is slowly crippling ecosystems around the globe. By utilising the couple’s shared experiences in the realms of biotechnology and business administration, a series of tremendous bioplastics have been produced that tackle many of the issues garnered by plastic pollution holistically. Dr. Wilson Ling tells us more. E