Business Excellence Awards 2024

20 | Acquisition International, Business Excellence Awards 2024 Best New Dental Imaging Group 2024 - UK Scanning Suite is an advanced dental imaging centre equipped with state-of-the-art imaging and ultra-low dose radiation technology, offering cutting-edge dental CBCT diagnostic imaging as well as diagnostic reporting at cost effective prices. Its other services include cephalometric x-ray (CEPH x-ray), cephalometric tracing (CEPH tracing), orthopantomogram x-ray (OPG x-ray), and radiology reports. Here, we dive deeper into Scanning Suite’s work following its great triumph in the Business Excellence Awards 2024. Contact: Joanne Talati Company: Scanning Suite Web Address: Established in July 2021 by CEO Joanne Talati, Scanning Suite now boasts three UK-based dental scanning referral centres in London, Lancaster, and Hartlepool. The company has forged agreements with local dental providers and hospitals, making it the go-to clinic for advanced dental imaging services for dentists, orthodontists, and maxillofacial surgeons. These practitioners refer their patients to Scanning Suite when imaging is required in order for them to be able to provide accurate treatment. Same-day appointments are available when treatment is urgent. Scanning Suite uses the very latest in Cone Beam Computed Tomography (CBCT) imaging technology to deliver high-resolution, 3D volumetric images, enabling dentists to assess the exact shape, structure, and orientation of the teeth for more accurate treatment planning. For example, this is useful if a patient is being considered for dental implant treatment or other specialist procedures. CBCT scans provide dentists with much more detailed information than that which could be obtained from a normal x-ray examination. Scanning Suite is led by a highly skilled team of healthcare professionals, all of whom are devoted to providing the best patient care and a user-friendly experience for referring dentists. The company’s clinical team of expert radiology nurses play an integral role in providing outstanding care to patients who are receiving a scan. They leverage the most up-to-date technologies, which facilitates efficient and high-quality service delivery. Scanning Suite is also equipped with an inhouse Consultant Radiologist, who specialises in CBCT reporting. When it comes to the referral experience for dentists, Scanning Suite’s head office play a key role in delivering excellence, serving as their first port of call. Working alongside CEO Joanne Talati are Referral Manager Grace Lewis, who oversees the referral process, and Referral Administrator Ailish O’Driscoll, who liaises with referring dentists and updates them on their patient’s appointment date, imaging scan, and report. Internally, Scanning Suite operates based on a culture of collaboration. Its employees are encouraged to engage with each other positively throughout the day, for example by exchanging ideas. This not only improves their work lives, enabling them to forge meaningful relationships with their colleagues, but also benefits patients and dentists by empowering them to innovate and deliver outstanding services. In the modern day, software and equipment is always evolving. It is important for Scanning Suite to invest in upgrading its technology in order to continue offering patients the best possible standard of care. For example, thanks to its use of innovative low-dose technology, the company is able to offer a radiation reduction of 80%. Its CBCT scans apply approximately one fifth to one tenth of the dose administered during a conventional medical CT scan of the same area, making them significantly less risky. This provides patients with added protection, which is particularly beneficial in dose sensitive cases like follow-up exposure. Overall, as a result of the remarkable work of its team, Scanning Suite has been named Best New Dental Imaging Group, UK, in the Business Excellence Awards 2024. Last year, the company celebrated the exciting launch of its third location in Hartlepool. In the future, it plans to seek new facilities in additional locations, as well as exploring the possibility of introducing a ‘mobile’ scanning offering.