Business Excellence Awards 2024

Business Excellence Awards 2024, Acquisition International | 27 As a future forward company, Atelier Thomas Pucher values longterm perspectives and strives to discover the untapped potential of environmental sustainability. In the ever-evolving realm of architecture, the firm is committed to remaining at the forefront of innovation by utilising state-of-the-art technology and quality materials to create an exceptional client experience. Recognised in this year’s Business Excellence Awards, Atelier Thomas Pucher is globally acclaimed for its architectural achievements and will remain steadfast on its mission to drive the green building revolution. Contact: Crystal O’Brien Company: Atelier Thomas Pucher ZT GmbH Web Address: Excellence Award in Commercial Architecture 2024 - Austria The architecture industry is currently experiencing a rapid growth of fresh ideas, concepts, and products. Many of these innovations begin with a solution to a minor daily problem, yet the companies behind them become some of the most revolutionary in the world. Based in Graz, Austria, Atelier Thomas Pucher is recognised for its pioneering architectural solutions which create awe-inspiring spaces that have a long-lasting environmental impact. Thomas Pucher established Atelier Thomas Pucher in 2005 and has since received acclaim for several projects including designing the Organisation of Islamic Conference in Jeddah. In 2010, Thomas achieved 1st Prize in an international competition for designing the Sinfonia Varsovia Concert Hall in Warsaw. Atelier Thomas Pucher has also celebrated many recent successes, winning 1st Prize in six competitions and acquiring projects such as the University of Applied Sciences in Carinthia, Klinik Hietzing, one of the largest hospitals in Vienna, and the redevelopment of the northern section of the Wiener Neustadt station area in Wiener Neustadt. Offering an end-to-end service from architectural design to the execution phase, the firm works hard to understand a client’s unique vision, objectives, and building requirements. By leveraging 3D modelling software such as BIM, V-RAY quality control, and 3D printing, Atelier Thomas Pucher has created an in-house workflow system to present clients with their concepts via virtual walk-throughs and interactive visualisations. The firm also integrates energy-efficient technologies and sustainable materials into its processes to meet its environmental goals. Atelier Thomas Pucher is dedicated to strengthening communities by helping them meet global challenges such as global warming, pollution, and an aging population. To fulfil this mission, the firm has become a stakeholder of Urban Future, Europe’s largest event for sustainable cities, which enables the company to access a network of specialists committed to sustainable urban development. The topic of the 2016 Urban Future conference was ‘Climate Protection in the City, New Types of Communication, and Urban Mobility’. As an Urban Future partner, Thomas Pucher was invited to speak about the firm’s project ‘Green Tower’ which was the first building to be granted a permit in Reininghaus, Graz. At the conference, Thomas Pucher said, “The flat surface on the ground is no longer sufficient for the greenery that is necessary in a city. Therefore, the green facade is very trendy. If you do it right, it is ecologically valuable for the microclimate, for the air quality, and for the shading of the house itself. And if you go onto the balcony on the 10th floor and look into a forest, that can be quite something. The Green Tower costs around six percent more than it would cost with a normal facade. But it also offers significantly more quality. We have real, large plant troughs on the facade in which the trees grow.” Founded by award-winning architect Thomas Pucher, Atelier Thomas Pucher is a renowned architecture and engineering firm that strives to improve lives through meaningful architecture. The innovative firm is passionate about consistently pushing the boundaries of environmental sustainability and sociological concepts. In today’s age, architects do much more than designing a building and the Atelier Thomas Pucher team is dedicated to revitalising communities with eco-conscious designs designed to exist harmoniously with the world around them. Atelier Thomas Pucher ZT GmbH Photography Credit: David Schreyer