Business Excellence Awards 2024

28 | Acquisition International, Business Excellence Awards 2024 Best Off Market Residential Sales Agency 2024 - North West London Debbie Ingram Specialising in the sales of off market and off plan properties, Debbie Ingram Property Consultancy is a multiaward-winning residential sales agency that surpasses what one may expect from a typical estate agent. Concentrating on upper end residential sales in Hendon, Mill Hill, and Finchley, as well as land sales and new build developments, Debbie Ingram has amassed a reputation founded on mutual trust, respect, and understanding. In working closely with each client, Debbie Ingram Property Consultancy has really made its mark with its sheer breadth of experience promising to continuously gift the industry with dependable off market residential sales solutions. Described as a ‘master of selling off market and off plan new build homes’, Debbie Ingram is a company that’s renowned across North West London for the sheer amount of expertise it brings to the world of off market residential sales. With over forty years of experience backing its practises Debbie Ingram herself excels when appreciating the privacy of its clients, while simultaneously tailoring its services to ensure a smooth sales experience. Equally so, Debbie Ingram and her team also work with developers who recognise the value of having access to a dynamic off plan sales specialist where on many occasions 100% of new schemes are sold before the build has gone beyond the first floor slab. Not only does this work for the client, but also for their funders and investors. As such, the company has become increasingly popular across the industry, with its consistently exceptional testimonials proving that it’s deserving of such a fantastic reputation. Additionally, Debbie Ingram notes that her consultancy is particularly renowned within the downsizer market, with many of their vendors ultimately becoming their purchasers. These two areas of the business dovetails well to form a sleek structured framework – due to many upper residential vendors looking to buy a new build home, Debbie Ingram Property Consultancy will sell their property while providing off plan access to exactly what they’re looking for to purchase. As a direct result of this steadfast network, Debbie Ingram has cultivated a client base that turns to them for any of their off market requirement they know they are in safe hands. In essence, Debbie Ingram promises to go above and beyond what is expected from the vast majority of estate agents. Where most adopt a generalised approach that doesn’t typically mesh with off market selling Debbie Ingram Property Consultancy has worked hard to create this incredibly successful niche. The consultancy boasts a wide demographic of vendors and purchasers, each either returning clients, or ones who have turned to Debbie Ingram following impeccable recommendations. It’s this very nature that defines Debbie Ingram Property Consultancy – it doesn’t look to be a oneand-done service, but instead focuses on nurturing meaningful relationships where they matter. Debbie Ingram Property consultancy further displays this via its 24/7 support, through which clients can always approach the team for help and advice. Debbie herself eagerly encourage clients to reach out, actively hoping to resolve their concerns and questions with copious amounts of patience and respect. After all, Debbie believes in treating others how she would like to be treated, and leverages this mindset to create a structure in which each client feels as though they are getting the ultimate in one to one attention. In short, Debbie Ingram loves to make people happy, and is willing to go the extra mile to ensure that, no matter what they handle each individual request with care and commitment. As such Debbie Ingram Property Consultancy has become synonymous with absolute excellence, allowing it to continuously hone its practises for the sake of constantly being the best version of itself. We’re pleased to once again showcase the unapologetic brilliance of Debbie Ingram Property Consultancy, and we look forward to seeing its continued impact on the market as a whole. Contact: Debbie Ingram Company: Debbie Ingram Property Consultancy Web Address: