Business Excellence Awards 2024

14 | Acquisition International, Business Excellence Awards 2024 With expansive plans to develop the infrastructure of Saudi Arabia in line with the Vision 2030 development project, the country’s construction sector has seen significant development. Building Concept is a Saudi Arabian company that dedicates itself to providing high quality trading services across the capital city of Riyadh. As the company wins its title in the Business Excellence Awards 2024, we take a closer look at Building Concept and its position within the ever-evolving sector. Most Trusted Cladding Company of the Year 2024 – Saudi Arabia aunched in 2014, Building Concept is a trading company located in Riyadh, sitting right in the heart of Saudi Arabia. The company specialises in providing high quality trading services to the community of Riyadh. The company serves a wide range of clients and prides itself on recognising each individual’s request and accommodating for it. Building Concept provides tailored solutions after working alongside the client to better understand their needs. Through prioritising the client and their needs, Building Concept can guarantee an excellent experience every time. A people-centric approach is what sets Building Concept apart from its competitors. In addition to prioritising its customers, the company ensures that employees are made to feel valued and respected within the workplace. The business encourages continuous improvement by investing in its employees, giving them the opportunity and space to grow and develop as their career progresses. This approach fosters an environment in which employees feel empowered to perform at their best. The internal culture at Building Concept emulates this people-centric approach to foster a sense of trust amongst the employees. The company holds core values of integrity, innovation, teamwork, and customer focus. These values guide the decision-making process at Building Concept, and entwine with each other to drive innovation, encourage employee engagement, and build trust between the company and its growing clientele base. The Saudi Arabian construction sector has seen a significant increase over the recent years as the country has undertaken developments on a large scale. Financial experts have noted an economic rebound since the obstructions of the pandemic, as individuals are gaining the confidence to spend money again. Alongside this rebirth of the economy, the country is experiencing a rising population that calls for an increase in housing options. In fact, innovation and expansion are such celebrated concepts in Saudi Arabia, that the country hosts annual events called the Saudi Infrastructure Expo and the Saudi Infrastructure Summit at the Riyadh International Convention & Exhibition Centre. The exposition covers the full spectrum of infrastructure and sees over 17,000 professional attendees and over 350 exhibitors, both local and international. The summit brings together stakeholders from sectors across the country and presents innovative discussions on navigating the complex infrastructure of Saudi Arabia that is constantly evolving as developments progress. The two events are ways for businesses across the country to collaborate and explore development strategies in the wake of Vision 2030’s launch. Pioneering the incredible developments is Vision 2030, a long-term socio-economic development plan that looks to increase the sustainable growth and economic diversification across Saudi Arabia. Launched in 2016, the project aims to revive Saudi Arabia’s thriving economy and expand upon its impressive infrastructure even further. The plan is slated to be complete by 2030. Vision 2030 was implemented under the directive of the Custodian of the Two Holy Mosques, King Salman bin Abdulaziz AsSaud with the mission to build a thriving country in which citizens are given ample opportunities. The plan consists of a multitude of development giga-projects across the country that will improve the public sector, economy, and Saudi Arabian society as a whole. Key giga-projects that make up Vision 2030 include decreasing the country’s oil dependence, the development of the King Salman Energy Park, and the Green Riyadh project. All developing projects will contribute to Saudi Arabia’s environment, tourism statistics, and the economical sustainability of its people. Launched in 2019, Green Riyadh is a development plan under Vision 2030 that seeks to transform Saudi Arabia’s capital city into a verdant haven that will see both an improvement to the liveability of the city and added protection to the surrounding environment. Through planting trees across the neighbourhoods, the city hopes to improve its air quality and decrease power consumption with the goal of establishing 7.5million trees by 2030. The implementation of Green Riyadh hopes to improve the general wellbeing of its residents and generate more labour and income for the surrounding businesses. The latest developments in Saudi Arabia’s infrastructure guarantees additional work for the construction sector, and improvements to the economy in turn. Local businesses will see an increase in trade from the tourism stemming from the new projects as well as being given the opportunity to play a part in transforming their country for the better. These changes will see huge advancements in the industry on a technical, social, and economic level that will greatly benefit local businesses. As leaders in the trading industry, Building Concept recognises that it must remain ahead of the latest technological advancements. The company forms strategic partnerships and uses data to make strategic decisions to maintain its position in the market. The ability to adapt quickly is paramount in this sector, especially when in consideration of the increasing developments across the country. Building Concept have demonstrated this ability through its exceptional services whilst navigating the challenges of the industry. In the construction sector, it is common to face technological disruptions, changes to regulations, or issues with supply chains. Through strategic decision making and the cultivation of a hardworking, client-focused team, Building Concept has transformed each obstacle posed into a window of new opportunity for the company. 2024 looks to be a big year for Building Concept and the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia in its entirety. Between greenifying the country, developing the 14 giga-projects, and revitalising the economy, there promises to be big changes taking place across the nation. 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